SCFTA Rounds 11 and 12
November 10th and 11th, 2012

Photos by Janice Blunt

Article by Jamey Blunt

Allan Girdler has been in the speed business for over fifty years!  Whether it be four or two wheeled he's a walking encyclopedia! Google for you youngsters out there. Allan added another championship to his list with the Premier Senior +70 class.

#12 Will Ott was the class of the field this year in the 250cc-360cc Air Cooled2-stk single division. Ott took top honors in the Expert category and will receive the coveted jacket at the awards ceremonyy.

#23 Justin Hanson is always there. Always applying pressure working his way to the front. In 2012 it all paid off with the championship in the Youth 85cc 4stk. Novice class. A job well done!

#12 James Ott stretches the throttle cable on his small bike, but still was the class of the field taking the Youth 65-70cc 4-stk Novice championship. (Frank Flores gives chase)

Danny Perkins who has the largest cheering crowd at Perris defended his 2011 title in the Bomber class with consistency. Perkins was never off the podium and won the majority of the main events to become the 2012 Bomber class Champion.

#83e Travis Petton the 2nd competed in a few classes in 2012 and turned wrenches for both of his grandsons... One of the busiest guys in the pits. Travis still managed to win the Senior +50 Vet Expert title, which went down to the last race to be decided....

#117 Sean Heeney competed in several classes in 2012. But the one he took the championship in was the Open  Unclassified... The more impressive thing is he did it on the smallest displaced bike in the class!!!

#369 John Perez who runs this number in honor of his father was the top dog in the Open Am. +50 class. Perez always found a way to win, some- times on the last thrilling lap.

A fixture at Perris Coleen Douglas is the turn three/four corner worker. She's been making the trip to Perris for over thirty five years from the time her father Doug Douglas raced here.

Vince Graves (in Yellow) won the Super Senior +60 championship and defended the title for a second year. Here he presents the founder of the S.C.F.T.A. Bruce Sanford with an award while Colin and Travis Petton watch...

#07 Allison Stacey is stepping it up and raced several classes in 2012. She's just as fast as ever on the bigger bikes and won the Open Novice title for the year.

Elliott Iverson does it all, from tech inspection to staging. He's even filled in as an announcer. This truly gifted talent is a huge asset to S.C.F.T.A. and to his daytime job at Ron Wood Racing....

(Left to Right) Travis Petton the 3rd, Travis Petton the 4th (who won two championships in 2012), and Travis Petton the 2nd, (who won the Vet 50+ expert championship. Not to froget four year old Colin Petton who won the 50cc 4-stk Beg. championship as well!

#43 A Jay Hateley in his first full season at Perris fought untill the final round for the Pro Class Championship.... Which he earned!!! Hateley here being introduced to the spectators just prior to one of the years twenty lap features...

(2nd) Photo #43 A Jay Hateley not only had to wage war with the local pros but many Grand National racers as well, here he mixes it up with national #37 Jimmy Wood.

#17 Noah Bush was a double winner over the weekend at the final two rounds of the S.C.F.T.A. Bush took top honors in the Youth 85cc 4-stk Beginner class with a fastest lap time of 17.02 seconds. #98 Evan Harich kept Bush on his toes.....

#82 Travis Petton the 4th was busy over the weekend capturing the Youth 65-70cc 2-stk Nov. and 85cc 2-stk. Beginner victories on Saturday night and the 85cc class again on Sunday. #11 is Reece Watawa and #98 is Evan Harich. Travis posted his fastest lap time of 16.43 seconds aboard his 85cc mount on Saturday.

Colin Petton #46 just turned four years of age, but already has a year and a half of racing experience under his belt/gear. Petton aboard his 50cc mount won the 50cc Beginners class with his fastest lap time of 34.18 seconds.

#95 Tom "TOO FAST" Ferguson aboard a H.D. 350cc Sprint was the top dog both days in the Classic Vintage 250cc, 500cc, 750cc field. 16.39 seconds was his fastest lap which he put in on Saturday night.

#75 Joe Pape has to get the award for most improved over the final two rounds as Joe hounded Ferguson the entire distance and even posted the fastest lap of the class at 16.29 seconds. Perhaps Pape should stay on the new mount he chose!!!!

Former National #98 John Hateley hammered the Bomber field into submission both days. Hateley also posted the overall fastest lap of the night Saturday at 14.82 seconds....This old dog doesn't need any new tricks as his old ones work just fine.

A Jay Hateley "who has never stepped in gum" left and John Hateley "If there are unwritten rules, he's the one who wrote them" right, in their pit prior to racing action..

The start of the Open Novice main saw #5 Ryan Reed, #00 Monica Gil, #117 Sean Heeney, #88 Corey Bauman, and #07 Allison Stacey on the front row. But it was #22 Jimmy Gillen who took the class victory at both rounds with come from behind wins.

#22 Jimmy Gillen here working under #5 Ryan Reed in turn one had his fastest lap time of 16.43 seconds on Saturday

The start of the twenty lap pro main event had (from left to right) #26 Dylan Morin, #44s Robert Bush, #88 Jim Rosa, #88e David Bush, #43 A Jay Hateley, #54 Kenny Malaguarnero, and on pole #98 Kayl Kolkman...

National #98 Kayl Kolkman quickly opened up a gap at the front and never looked back taking the victory in both day's pro main events. Kolkman's fastest lap time of 14.96 seconds came on Saturday, but is not the fastest he has gone on the Perris oval!

Southern Calif. Flat Track Assoc.

Rounds 11 & 12 Perris Calif.

Nov. 10th & 11th, 2012

Photos – Janice Blunt

Article – Jamey Blunt

The S.C.F.T.A. 2012 season came to a close with rounds eleven and twelve being held on Saturday night Nov. 10th, and Sunday Nov.11th, worth noting was the fact that many class championships were still undecided heading into this weekend double header, attested to by the fact that some one hundred ninety eight entries filled the grids of thirty eight heat races and thirty one main events. Prior to the season ending weekend of racing it had been determined the track racing surface was deteriorating, hence Freddie Edwards and Vince Graves quickly had more loads of DG and Clay brought in to bring back the consistency Perris has become famous for. Another new class for 2012 was added at Perris, the motorized bicycle class which seemed to come on strong and in the blink of any eye disappear. (Jules Vern would be sad) 2012 also saw more National numbered racers find their way to Perris as the tradition of a Friday night race the night before the last Grand National of the year at Pomona continues to grow. Another first in 2012 was two time world champion John Kocinski entering the Pro class and handing a nine second defeat to the rest of the field in the twenty lap final, and this on his vintage Honda 350cc 4-stk single! Kocinski's outright track record of 14.06 seconds also stood unbroken through the entire year, which he set in 2011 aboard his Knight framed Honda 250cc 2-stk air cooled single. 2012 was also a season of extreme, with the hottest race of the year reaching 118 degrees to the coldest race of the year falling to 38 degrees on Saturday night's round eleven. Once again LUCAS OIL stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park, donating their superior products to the various class winners at each and every round. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, let's look back through the 2012 season at some of the class champions who fought long and hard to be the best in their chosen class.

The Youth Classes are the future of flat track. It's great to see eight different classes varying in displacement size from 50cc through 140cc machines, with riders from age four on up competing. Some of the riders like Allison Stacey (open novice and 85cc 2-stk novice champion), Sean Heeney (open unclassified champion), and Monica Gil, just to name a few have made the move to some of the larger bike classes and quite successfully at that. It's also great to see new faces in the youth field with riders Grant Holmes, Jayce Callison, and Clayton Williams making the trip from central Calif. to Perris to compete.

There are also many racing families at Perris. The Ott's, Bush's, Petton's, Hateley's, Hanson's, and Gil's all come to mind. Many of these same named racing stables have captured several championships this season and have younger racers that continue to grow in ability as they progress up the ladder leading to the pro ranks.

The 250cc-360cc single cylinder air cooled 2-stroke, novice, amateur, expert class was down on entries this season, but none the less Will Ott was the cream of the crop. It would be nice if more riders dusted off the cob-webs on their old 2-strokes and came out so Michael Fritz and Rick Logan (class champions) had more combatants to race with. Remember this is the class that produced the outright track record in 2011…..

In the Vintage 750cc class which time was, used to be the premier class in dirt track racing, could only count on two entries at most of the rounds…. Jim Ottele and his Yamaha were pretty much untouchable as he took this championship. However a big hand goes out to Shannon Adams and his beautiful Triumph for at least making a race of it. Also word has it newcomer Dylan Morin who beat Ottele at round eleven on his fathers old Norton will be contesting all the rounds next season on a freshened machine….

Some of the best racing year after year is the bomber class. This is basically a Yamaha tt-500cc air cooled single cylinder 4-stroke field. As in years past Travis Petton the 2nd and past and present champion Danny Perkins went head to head with Perkins (who bowls overhand) taking the title again in 2012. Rumored for next season though are some new entries in the form of former national #37 Jeff Johnson who's building a Lazer framed mount at press time. Also throwing his hat in the ring will be two time world champion John Kocinski who's working on one of his Knight framed 500's as well. Not to leave out (if healthy) Jim Wood, and past main event winner Nick Armstrong. Lest we forget a three time main event winner in this class this year, and the current track record holder for this class, former national #98 "Little" John Hateley! This could be the toughest class the bomber field has ever seen!!!!!

The Senior Vet +50 novice, amateur, and expert classes were somewhat inconsistent, in that at one round there could be two or more heat races and at the next only six entries. Corey Bauman races more than one class and the seat time has paid off as he always found his way to the front no matter how many riders were in the field of the +50 novices. John Perez took top honors in the +50 amateur ranks with many come from behind victories. Perez seemed to do what needed to be done, but mostly in the last two laps of the race. For the +50 expert class the championship came down to the last round

where Travis Petton the 2nd (werewolves take his photo to the barber shop) took the top step of the podium giving the Petton family four championship jackets for the 2012 season.

Classic Vintage 250cc-500cc-750cc is so varied in machines, styles, age, and ability it's almost impossible to predict a winner. But through all the ups and downs, misfires, backfires, blue smoke from burning oil, there emerged one standout. Tom "Too Fast"

Ferguson on the Jim McMurren H.D. Sprint was consistently at the front and earned the overall class championship. A job well done! Fred Berger the lone 250cc in the class on his brakeless Bultaco took the top spot in his class and often finished within the top three overall against much larger displaced machines.

Vince Graves (presidents celebrate his birthday) is a repeat champion in the Super Senior +60 class, which by the end of the season needed more entries. This class started off strong only to have some participants fade from sight by season's end. Hopefully for nest season this class can regain its former status.

Just imagine riding a motorcycle at seventy years of age, now how about racing one? Can't you say, well, Allan Girdler (who can remember things he forgot) did and with the likes of Preston Petty and Mel Stoner in the field it was no small accomplishment for him to emerge as the Premier Senior +70 class champion….. Well done Allan! Just don't pat him too hard on the back, he might break.

The Open Amateur class is the stepping stone to pro ranks, and Paul Ott (he can Identify UFO's) is knocking on that door. Ott along with Paul Herman (who has never been put on hold) also competed in the Vet +35 field which came down to the final round, but more importantly these are two racers worth keeping an eye on as they are always having fun and great sportsman…..

The Pro class is always the final race of the program and has many nationally ranked riders calling Perris their home track. Many a visiting national pro turned a wheel at Perris again this season, some who have had the number one plate on the front of their bikes at one time or another. We also saw many different winners of main events in the pro class, but when all the dust cleared, the scraped paint was rubbed off, and the last tear off pulled, newcomer to the pro ranks full time this season, A Jay Hateley (who has never stepped in gum) squeaked out the championship at the final round.

On a personal note: I'd like to convey my thanks and gratitude to Vince Graves, Freddie & Donna Edwards, the scoring girls, corner crew, starter Rudy Gil, Stager John Harris, Elliott Iverson, Eligh, Keenan, and so many unnamed people that few realize are behind the scenes to make these races happen. Without whom there would be no S.C.F.T.A. you all make it a pleasure to be part of such a great organization. 




November 10, 2012

Youth 85cc 4 Stk Beginner

1.    Noah Bush

2.    Evan Harich

3.    Reece Watawa

Youth 50cc Beginner

1.    Colin Petton

Youth 65-70cc Beginner

1.    Ava Bush

Youth 65-70cc 2 Stk Novice

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Grant Holmes

Youth 65-70cc 4 Stk. Novice

1.    James Ott

2.    Evan Harich

Youth 85cc 2 Stk Novice

1.    Allison Stacey

2.    Clayton Williams

3.    Jace Callison

4.    James Ott

Youth 85cc+ 4 stk Novice

1.    Sean Heeney

2.    Justin Hanson

3.    Moncia Gil

Youth 85cc 2 Stk Beginner

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Noah Bush

3.    Grant Holmes

Classic Vintage 500-750cc

1.    Tom Ferguson

2.    Joe Pape

3.    Lenny Rodriquez

4.    James Kohls

Classic Vintage 250cc

1.    Fred Berger

Senior Vet’s +50 Experts

1.    Wes Powell

2.    Travis Petton

3.    Jim Ottele

4.    Larry Earhart

Super Senior  +60

1.    Vince Graves

2.    David Molitor

3.    Dan Dowding

4.    De Wayne Jones


1.    John Hateley

2.    Danny Perkins

3.    Jeff Johnson

4.    Jim Steet

5.    Keith Bradford

6.    Jim Kesler

7.    Tim Watters

8.    Steele Friedrich

9.    Richard Fox

10.    Steve Carper\


1.    Jon Nunes

2.    Paul Ott

3.    Jason Craven

Vintage 750

1.    Dylan Morin

2.    Jim Ottele

3.    Shannon Adams

Senior +50 Amateur

1.    John Perez

2.    Daniel Stinson

3.    Larkin Wight

Senior + 50 Novice

1.    Corey Bauman

2.    Fred Berger

3.    Greg Powell

4.    Rick Bell

Open Un Classified Non Paying

1.    Sean Heeney

2.    Jace Callison

Men’s 4 Stk

1.    Billy Katkov

Vintage 2 Stk 250-360cc Novice and Amateur

250 Novice

1.    Brandon Watters

2.    Cody Carper

3.    Michael Fritz

360 Novice

1.    Bryan Frdeman

2.    Rick Logan

3.    Tim Watters

250 Amateur

1.    Jim Steet

Open Novice

1.    Jimmy Gillen

2.    Corey Bauman

3.    Christian Olguin

4.    Allison Stacey

5.    Jace Callison

6.    Monica Gil

7.    Tom Brown

8.    Justin Hanson’

9.    Monty Watowa

10.    Jaycee Jones

Open Amateur

1.    Kevin Wybenga

2.    Tom Craver

3.    Brad Rudy

4.    Paul Ott

5.    Rich Hanson

6.    Dave Reinhard

7.    Eric Ryke

8.    Ryan Reed


1.    Kayl Kolkman

2.    Dylan Morin

3.    Nick Gil

4.    Robert Bush

5.    Jim Rosa

6.    Ajay Hateley

7.    Nick Armstrong

8.    Chris McDougal

9.    Brandon Pate

10.    David Bush

NOVEMBER 11 2012

Youth  85cc 4 stk Beginner

1.    Noah Bush’

2.    Evan Harich

3.    Reece Watowa

Youth 50 cc Beginner

1.    Colin Petton

Youth 65-70cc Beginner

1.    Ava Bush

Youth 65cc 2stk Novice

1.    Grant Holmes

2.    Travis Petton

Youth 65cc 4stk Novice

1.    James Ott

Youth  70cc 4 stk Novice

1.    Evan Harich

Youth  85cc+ 4 Stk Novice

1.    Sean Heeney

2.    Justin Hanson

3.    Moncia Gil

85cc+ 2 Stk Novice

1.    Clayton Williams

2.    Allison Stacey

3.    James Ott

4.    Jace Callison

5.    Travis Petton

Youth 85cc+ 2 stk Beginner

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Grant Holmes

3.    Noah Bush

Classic Vintage 500-750cc

1.    Tom Ferguson

2.    Joe Pape

3.    Lenny Rodriquez

4.    James Kohls

5.    Johnny McClure

Classic Vintage 250cc

1.    Fred Berger

Senior Vets+50 Experts

1.    Jim Ottele

2.    Larry Earhart

3.    Travis Petton

Super Senior +60

1.    David Molitor

2.    Dan Downing


1.    John Hateley

2.    Danny Perkins

3.    Steele Friedrich

4.    Jim Kesler

Senior Vet’s+ 35

1.    Paul Ott

2.    Sean Lambert

Vintage 750

1.    Jim Ottele

Vintage +50 Amatuer

1.    John Perez

Senior + 50 Novice

1.    Corey Bauman

2.    Fred Berger

3.    Mike Wayne

4.    Danny Mathis

Men’s 4 Stroke

1.    Monty Watowa

2.    Harly Legowskli

Open Unclassified

1.    Sean Heeney

2.    Jace Callison

Vintage 250-360 Novice


1.    Brandon Watters


1.    Bryan Erdeman

2.    Tim Watters

3.    Rick Logan

Open Novice

1.    Jimmy Gillen

2.    Allison Stacey

3.    Corey Bauman

4.    Ryan Reed

5.    Sean Heeney

6.    Brian Bell

7.    Pat Neilson

8.    Jaycee Jones

9.    Moncia Gil

Open Amateur

1.    Kevin Wybenga

2.    Brandon Watters]

3.    Paul Ott

4.    Rich Hansen

5.    Sean Lamboryt

6.    Brad Rudy


1.    Kayl Kolkman

2.    Ajay Hateley

3.    Kenny Malaguarnero

4.    David Bush

5.    Nick Armstrong

6.    Dylan Morin

7.    Robert Bush

8.    Nick Gil

9.    Ian Foulds

10.    Cody Bohannan

11.    Chris McDougal

2012 1st Place Class Champions

Colin Petton                Youth 50cc Beginner           

Travis Petton                Youth 65-70cc2 Stk. Novice           

James Ott                Youth 65-70cc 4 Stk Novice            

Ava Bush                Youth 65-70cc 4 Stk Beginner           

Noah Bush                Youth 85cc+ 4 Stk Beginner           

Allison Stacey                Open Novice                 

Justin Hanson                Youth 85cc+ 4 Stk Novice           

Sean Heeney                Open Unclassified           

Paul Ott                Open Amateur           

Ajay Hateley                Pro           

Corey Bauman                Senior +50  Vet Novice           

John Perez                Senior + 50 Vet  Amateur           

Will Ott                250 2 Stk. Vintage Expert           

Michael Fritz                250 2 Stk. Vintage Novice           

Rick Logan                360 2 Stk. Vintage Novie           

Tom Ferguson                Classic Vintage 500-750cc           

Fred Berger                 Classic Vintage 250cc           

Jim Ottele                Vintage 750cc           

Danny Perkins                Bomber           

Paul Ott                Vet's +35           

Travis Petton                Senior +50 Vet Expert            

Vince Graves                Super Senior + 60           

Allan Girdler                Premier Senior + 70