SCFTA Round 3

March 15th, 2014

Photos by Janice Blunt

Article by Jamey Blunt

 #95 Clayton Williams topped the Youth 250cc Open field. #07 Allison Stacey gives chase and finished second.

  85 Open-#12 James Ott has really stepped it up this season, Ott turned a 15.51 second lap on his way to victory in the 85cc open main event.

-#13 Dylan Frost won the 50cc beginner main event with #20  Andrew Preciado finishing second.

85 Nov #12 James Ott was on his way to two victories at round three. But on the run to the checkered flag Ott threw it all away, with #7x Grant Holmes in the right place to pick up the win.

   Frank Flores a tough competitor at Perris took out two sections of crash wall at round two. He broke his arm, but is healing at a fast pace and has the cast off, with only a brace in it's place.

#84 Colt Foster is another rider who has raised his game, Colt had a 15.10 second lap time on his way to winning
the Open Unclassified main event. 

 Lucas Oil's Gary Lane #68, had a good night at Perris, here he leads the start of the Premier Senior +70 class (which he won) over #0 Preston Petty, #672 Mike Brooks, and #37 Wm. Morgan.

#68 Ron Buccieri "SPARKY" won the 50+ Novice main event. His fastest lap time was 15.94 seconds.

The start of the Open Novice class was wild! Winner #6 Aaron Guidanan, #4 Henry Canan, #68 Ron Baccieni, #44 Scott Hanson, #52 Cody Van Dyke, #218 Gabe Alvarez, #33 Jaycee Jones, #77 Joseph Herro, #74 Monty Watowa, & #23 Justin Hanson.

#27 "Wild Man" Rich Hanson always finds his way to the front. Here he beat #558 Brandon Watters for the win in the Open Amateur final. Hanson's fastest lap was 15.42 seconds.

Past Pro class champion A Jay Hateley hadn't been to Perris in some time. But he made his return to racing count as he took the victory in the twenty lap Pro Main.

    John Kocinski made an appearance at Perris in the Vet +35 class. Even though he rode "ELSIE" his 250cc 2-stk bike, Kocinski kept his undefeated streak alive.

Another shot of John at work. 

#43 A Jay Hateley didn't lead from the start, rather he took the lead by the half way point. The last rider for him to pass was #28z Zachery Lenholf. Here Hateley makes the pass for the lead and the win in the pro main event.

For the last half of the pro main this is what the other riders saw, minus the checkered flag... A Jay Hateley takes his well earned victory lap.

  Found in the pits at Perris was national #98 John Hateley's Trackmaster Triumph seen in the movie "On Any Sunday". This was the first Big Back Boned Trackmaster Triumph frame and sported Hateley's amatuer #43r plates still on the bike. John poses with his famous ride.

Proof that the Trackmaster Triumph at Perris was indeed John Hateley's was found on the steering head where "LIL John" had been welded just for John.

The "Pit Puppy" award for round three goes to ROCKETT. Often seen in the pits and always well behaved.

#82 Travis Petton the 2nd may have only raced his new Triumph once, but that didn't stop him from winning the main event from a different time zone. The rest of this class is in for a rough season!

#369 John Perez returned to Perris a newly married man. He hasn't lost any of his speed though as he topped #58y Jim Ottele, #42 Will Ott, and #110 Dan Kane in the +50 expert class with a fastest lap time of 15.63 seconds.

S.C.F.T.A. Round #3

Perris, Calif.

Photos by Janice Blunt

Article by Jamey Blunt

The start of the AMA Grand National flat track season kicked off in Daytona Beach Fl. the Thursday and Friday before round three of the S.C.F.T.A. at Perris. Sammy Halbert who attended rounds one and two at Perris left Florida with the point's lead having been the combined highest placed rider over the two events. Perris is fast establishing itself as one of the great race tracks where riders can get valuable seat time as they follow the circuit. Even with many of the veteran pros and the new hopefuls missing from round three, some one hundred twenty four entries still filled the grids. A true testament to the fine program ran by Donna and Freddie Edwards, and Vince Graves.

Clayton Williams stole the start in the youth 250cc main event. Alex Crosby dropped in behind Williams in second with Allison Stacey away in third and Jaycee Jones fourth. On the second lap Williams had an incident between turns three and four that he saved as Stacey moved past Crosby into second. By lap three Justin Hanson and Travis Petton the 4th were on a march forward that would in the end drop Jones all the way back to sixth. By the end of lap four Stacey had closed the gap to Williams and had turned the fastest lap time of the race at 15.39 seconds to Williams 15.52. Crosby was in a no mans land in third with Hanson some 1.2 seconds behind him. Coming to the white flag Petton shot up the inside of Jones to take fifth position away as they crossed the stripe. At the checkered flag Stacey had closed in on Williams but ran out of time as Williams rode smart and took the win, making the final order Williams, Stacey, Crosby, Hanson, Petton, and Jones.

A full moon, the water he's drinking, whatever the case James Ott has really put in some impressive rides of late. Ott is displaying true talent. In the youth 85cc open final Ott led from the pole through turns one and two with Travis Petton the 4th in second, Evan Harich third, and Grant Holmes in fourth. With two laps complete Ott and Petton were leaving the field behind and Alyssa Flores was moving forward from a poor start. Ott's fastest lap time was 15.51 seconds to Petton's 15.95 as the two maintained about a four bike length gap between them. As the field started lap four Holmes had found his rhythm and had caught up to the back side of Petton making it a three way battle at the front. At the white flag Ott still led over Petton and Holmes and Flores had dropped Harich to fifth as she took over the fourth place spot. On the final run down the back straight Holmes dove under Petton to take second position away and held it to the checkered flag. A tremendous last lap and some heads up racing from Holmes. Ott was never challenged for the victory, Holmes as stated took second over a close Petton with Flores fourth, and Harich fifth.

The youth 85cc 2-stk novice main event had pretty much the same players as the 85cc open class. The biggest difference was Ott, as he had displayed was more than capable of winning on this night only fate or a mistake cost him the victory. On the final exit from turn four to the checkered flag Ott threw it all away and was lucky to escape injury just missing slamming the front straight crash wall as Grant Holmes, just a few bike lengths behind rode past for the victory over Alyssa Flores, Travis Petton the 4th, and Zaden Florez.

John Kocinski is undefeated on the Perris mile oval. On this night Kocinski entered his Knight framed Honda 250cc 2-stk mount "Elsie" in the Vet +35 class. In his heat race Kocinski didn't lead every alp in fact it took him a few laps to get past Jim Rosa for the heat race victory. One would think this might have given hope to the other riders, or at least Rosa, but for Kocinski it only made him more determined. On the start of the final Kocinski shot from pole into the lead in front of Rosa, Helder Alvernaz, and Will Ott. With three laps down Kocinski held a full straightaway lead and had turned a 14.72 second lap time no one could match. Brad Rudy had pulled high between turns three and four and appeared to have a mechanical problem and left the race. At the white flag Ott had found his way past Alvernaz into third and Jess Flores was running fifth. As Kocinski took the checkered flag he held a 3.36 second gap over Rosa in second, who is no slouch as he was turning 15.14 second lap times. This victory keeps Kocinski's undefeated streak alive and running, one that started over four years past.

Travis Petton the 2nd has been building a 750cc Triumph for years. Well at round three it made it first appearance in a race program as he participated in the Vintage 750cc class. Not much to say other than Petton was consistently 8/10ths to a full second a lap faster than the rest of the field and handily won the main event.

In the 50+ Novice final Greg Powell was left sitting at the start line as the rest of the field thundered into turn one. New comer to Perris Jim Medlin led the pack off the line and through turns one and two. Fred Berger was away in second with Ron Buccieri in third. On the exit from turn two on the second lap Buccieri took second away from Berger and set his sights on Medlin a few bike lengths ahead. At this point Mike Boal had worked his way into fourth as Buccieri turned the fastest lap of the race at 15.94 seconds. Then entering turn three for the third time Buccieri shot to the inside and went under Medlin to take over at the front. Medlin's fastest lap of 16.45 seconds was just not good enough to stay with Buccieri on this night as Buccieri stretched it out all the way to the finish.

In the Open Novice final Aaron Guidanan got a bit of a jump at the start which starter Rudy Gil deemed close, and let the race continue. Henry Canan (who stepped up to big bikes this year) was away in second with Ron Baccieri third, Scott Hanson fourth, and Cody Van Dyke fifth. Even though Guidanan was given a gift on the start he did stretch out his lead and pulled away from the field of thirteen, which displayed that the start didn't really matter. However Canan did have the fastest lap of the race at 15.80 seconds, he only needed to run this pace for the entire main event and perhaps the finishing order might have been different, or at least a battle up front for the victory.

Clayton Williams the youngest rider on the smallest displaced machine in the Open Amateur main nailed the start to lead into turn one only to have Rich Hanson slip underneath Williams to take the lead away on the exit from turn two. Then on the second run through turn one Brandon Watters went under Williams as well to take away the second place position. Allison Stacey another youth class racer on a 250cc mount was running a solid fourth just behind Williams with Alex Crosby in fifth. Up front Hanson turned a 15.42 second lap, but it was Watters who had the fastest lap of the race at 15.37 seconds. Watters appeared in the closing laps to have a problem with turn four as he got very sideways and had to check up to save it twice. Of the 250cc machines in the field Williams had the fastest lap at 15.74 seconds but third was the best he could do on this night. Hanson took the victory with Watters second, Stacey a solid fourth and Crosby fifth.

In the twenty lap pro main event there were a few past pro class champions of the S.C.F.T.A. David and Robert Bush along with A Jay Hateley all made it through the heat races to earn a spot in the final. David Bush looked especially strong all night as did Zachery Lenholf. Making a return to Perris after some foot surgery that required a few screws to hold the ball at the back of the foot on, was A Jay Hateley stating "I'm good to go, no problems." At the first flash of green, or just before it went green Casey Cahoon launched off the second row and almost nailed the rider in front of him causing everyone to re-stage with Cahoon on the third row penalty line along with Colt Foster who followed Cahoon, nice try though. This time the light flashed green and Austin Scaggs nailed the start with David Bush right behind and Hateley running third. On the first trip through turn four John Tinsley threw it away as David Bush took over the lead on the first run up the front straight. As the leaders came around the second time Tinsley re-joined the field in front of the leaders which should have brought out a blue flag for Tinsley. At this point Lenholf moved up into second with Hateley still in third looking like he needed to find his rhythm. It didn't help Hateley that Tinsley was fighting with him slowing his progress from a rider a lap down. On the fourth entrance to turn three Lenholf pushed David Bush wide and took over the lead. Then on the next trip through turn two Hateley who had dropped Tinsley was showing David Bush a wheel as well. By lap six Tinsley had faded and Colt Foster had advanced to fifth with Scaggs still in fourth. At the front Lenholf and Hateley had started to separate themselves from David Bush who now had Foster to deal with as Foster had dropped Scaggs a spot. Lenholf had the overall fastest lap of the race at 14.96 seconds but Hateley's consistency was paying off. On lap nine as they crossed the start finish line Hateley took the lead. Once up front Hateley settled into his pace at 15.02 seconds and Foster was showing David Bush a wheel every lap attempting to take away third. Also working his way forward from a so/so start was Ian Foulds who would finish sixth. By the start of lap fourteen Hateley held a two second gap over Lenholf who seemed to have settled for second by this point. On lap fifteen lappers came into play and remember Foster who had started from the third row penalty line was all over David Bush not ready to give up a shot at a podium position yet. Foster on lap sixteen still turned a 15.15 second lap time displaying his fitness. When the white flag came out Hateley held a full straight away lead over Lenholf with the battle for third going to be decided on the last lap with Foster taking the last rung of the podium.

Round four of the S.C.F.T.A. has been slated for April fifth, but as always if in doubt, call before you haul.


Round #3 March 15. 2014

250 Open

1.       Clayton Williams

2.       Allison Stacey

3.       Alex Crosby

4.       Justin Hanson

5.       Travis Petton

6.       Jaycee Jones

7.       Noah Bush DNS

8.       Moncia Gil DNS

85cc Open

1.       James Ott

2.       Grant Holmes

3.       Travis Petton IV

4.       Alyssa Flores

5.       Evan Harich

6.       Jacob Cascio

7.       Zaden Florez


50 cc 2 Stk Nov

1.       Collin Petton

2.       Anthony Salaberrios DNS


50cc 4 Stk Nov

1.       Tanner Richey


50 cc 2 Stk Beginner

1.       Dylan Frost

2.       Andrew Preciado

3.       Andrew Varela

4.       Logan Daugherty

5.       Ethan Daugherty


50cc 4 Stk Beginner

1.       Travis Horn


85cc 2 Stk Novice

1.       Grant Holmes

2.       Alyssa Flores

3.       Travis Petton IV

4.       Zaden Florez

5.       Jacob Cascio

6.       Evan Harich

7.       Matthew Ott

8.       James Ott

85cc 4 Stk Beginner

1.       David Seminario


85cc 4 Stk Novice

1.       Matthew Ott


65cc 2 Stk Beginner

1.       Anthony Salaberrios

2.       Ava Bush


65cc 2 Stk Novice

1.       Zaden Florez


Super Senior + 60

1.       Vince Graves

2.       David Molitor

3.       DeWayne Jones



1.       Travis Petton

2.       Steele Friedrich

3.       Jim Lundgren DNS


Vet’s + 35

1.       John  Kocinski

2.       Jim Rosa

3.       Will Ott

4.       Helder Alvernaz

5.       Jess Flores

6.       Jim Medlin

7.       Jim Bandelin

8.       Brad Rudy


Men’s 4 Stroke

1.       Pat Neilson

2.       Billy Katkov


Open Unclassified

1.       Colt Foster

2.       Allison Stacey

3.       LJ Gronek

4.       Brandon Watters


Premier Senior + 70

1.       Gary Lane

2.       Preston Petty

3.       Mike Brooks

4.       Wm. Morgan

Classic Vintage 500-750

1.       Tom Ferguson

2.       Lenny Rodiguez

3.       Joe Pape

4.       James Kohls

5.       Steve Warne


750 Vintage

1.       Travis Petton

2.       Jim Ottele

3.       Tim Watters


50 + Novice

1.       Ron Buccieri

2.       Jim Medlin

3.       Mike Boal

4.       Fred Berger

5.       Barney Stern

6.       Greg Powell

7.       Danny Mathis


+50 Amateur

1.       Danny Stinson

2.       Robert Stettler

3.       Steele Friedrich

4.       Tim Watters

5.       Larkin Wight


+50 Expert

1.       John Perez

2.       Jim Ottele

3.       Jim Lundgren

4.       Dan Kane


Vintage 250cc 2 Stk. Amateur

1.       Carl Whitt

Vintage 250cc 2 Stk Expert

1.       Will Ott

Vintage 360cc 2 Stk. Novice

1.       Gary Lane

Open Novice

1.       Aaron Guidanan

2.       Henry Canan

3.       Ron Baccieni

4.       Scott Hanson

5.       Cody Van Dyke

6.       Gabe Alvarez

7.       Jaycee Jones

8.       LJ Gronek

9.       Joseph Herro

10.   Monty Watowa

11.   Justin Hanson


Open Amateur

1.       Rich Hanson

2.       Brandon Watters

3.       Clayton Williams

4.       Allison Stacey

5.       Alex Crosby

6.       Robert Stettler

7.       Joel Kath

8.       Jeremy Templeman

9.       Bryan Rowlett



1.       AJ Hateley

2.       Zachery Lenholf

3.       Colt Foster

4.       David Bush

5.       Austin Scaggs

6.       Ian Folds

7.       Casey Cahoon

8.       Brandon Rothel

9.       Robert Bush

10.   Helder Alvernaz

11.   John Tinsley