SCFTA Perris Round 7
July 26th, 2014

Photos by Janice Blunt

Article by Jamey Blunt

 #5 Rachel Schnakenberg got loud cheers from the crowd as she took the victory
in the Youth 50cc 2 stk Beginner final. #13 is Tristin Cruzen and #100 is Logan

 #87 Jeff Johnson led from the start of the Pro Main Event. #84 Colt Foster
waited and watched as #46 Andre Ochs andd #45e Ian Foulds gave chase.

 #84e Colt Foster was patient, he waited and watched for a way
to take over the lead of the Pro Main Event. Once he did there was no looking
back and he checked out to take the victory in the twenty lap final of
the night.

 #84e Colt Foster being introduced to the crowd just prior
to the Pro Main Event.

  It took three re-starts to get the Open Amateur final in the record books.
#558 Brandon Watters took the victory in front of #198 Alex Crosby and #112
Jace Callison. #19v is Joel Kath, #11 Jim Medlin, #52 Cody Van Dyke and #07 Allison Stacey
who joined the short list of racers who actually made it all the way through
the crash wall.

 #4 Henry Canan fought hard for the victory in the Open Novice "A"
Main Event. #12 L J Gronek was close at the finish and kept Canan
on his a game the entire race.

 #112 Jace Callison has really picked up the pace this season and taken
his ability to a whole new level! Callison shown here diving under #558 Brandon Watters
took the victory in the Open Unclassified Main event over #46 Andre Ochs (hidden).

 #71 Jon Nunes from King City Ca. won the Vet 35+ main event aboard a 2 stk.
(Remember those?) #26 Steele Fredrich posted the fastest single lap time at
15.52 seconds to Nunes 15.62. However Nunes was the more consistant of
the two.

 #6 Joe Steffen is Back! Seems Joe just keeps on showing
consistency no matter what life throws at him. He took the
victory in the Bomber main event with a fastest lap time of
15.22 seconds. Perhaps he has taken the Brenda Steffen
school of racing class!

 Don't bet against #22 David Molitor leading into the first turn. He rarely get's
beat off the start. David's fastest lap time of 16.03 seconds was good enough
to top the Super Senior +60 and +70 field. #420 is Greg Powell, #83 Paul Claybaugh,
#68 Gary Lane, #86 Allan Girdler, and #672 Mike Brooks.

 #11 Jim Medlin just beat #35 Tim Watters to the stripe in the
Senior Vet +50 Amateur final. Medlin's fastest lap time was
15.86 seconds!

 #4r Lenny Rodriquez sat on pole in the Classic Vintage Final,
but it was #95 Tom Ferguson who came through to finish first.
#97 is Fred Berger, #14 James Kohls, #75x Joe Pape (back
after heart problems just a month ago), and the unknown rider...
If you can't run a number plate it's hard to score you??????

 With a lap time of 15.58 seconds #70 Jimmy Lundgren
was the fastest of the Senior Vet +50 Expert field...

 #39 Carl Whitt and #68 Gary Lane (shown here in heat race action)
went at it all night, even though they were on different sized Bultacos.
Whitt won the 250cc Amateur class while Lane was top man in the 360cc
Amateur Class. 

#21 Matthew Ott from Simi Valley Ca. beat out #11 Reece Watowa to earn
the victory in the Youth 85cc 4stk Novice Main Event.

 #22 Ashton Carlson took top honors in the Youth 65cc-70cc 2stk Beginner Main
event. #10 Aidan Bromstead, #45 Conner Hickerson, and #3 Sierra Hickerson all
give chase..

 #82 Travis Petton the 4th had a fight on his hands in the form of
#12 James Ott. Petton had to turn a 15.48 second lap to stay in front
of Ott, who has stepped it up a notch!!!

 #198 Alex Crosby was the class of the field in the Youth 250cc Open final.
From Pole #95 Clayton Williams, #82 Travis Petton the 4th, #07 Allison Stacey,
#23 Justin Hanson, #7x Grant Holmes. Back Row #33 Jaycee Jones. Crosby's
fastest lap was 15.58 seconds.

Photos by Janice Blunt

Article by Jamey Blunt

Have you heard the expression; "it's so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk?"Are eggs the food of choice for temperature measurement? Do meteorologists have their sidewalks coated with non-stick Teflon? Well, there are no sidewalks at Perris raceway but it was hot, ninety nine degrees hot to be exact. That didn't defer the one hundred fifty entries that made up twenty three heat races and twenty main events. Also the breeze that started in the late afternoon helped tremendously.

The Youth 250cc class not only continues to grow in number, it seems to get faster with every round as the racers lower their lap times and increase the competition. In the main event Clayton Williams had the fastest reaction time leaving the line only to be displaced by Alex Crosby for the lead through turns one and two. Travis Petton the 4th came through the pack from a less that stellar start to run in third by the end of the first lap. Jace Callison ran in fourth with Allison Stacey fifth and Jaycee Jones sixth. On the fourth lap the red flag was out for a downed rider and the race stopped. On the re-start Stacey advanced to second position while Williams and Petton got the worst of it and dropped to fourth and sixth. On the next run through turn one Petton shot past two riders advancing him to fourth while Crosby at the front opened up a ten bike length lead. Callison who was away from the re-start in third had Petton closing from behind as the white flag came out. Williams had settled in at fifth with Grant Holmes fighting his way forward into sixth, the finishing order remained unchanged for the final lap with Crosby the winner, Stacey second, Callison third, Petton fourth and Williams fifth.

The Youth 50cc classes are so varied with no less than four different classes all within the displacement range. The difference being two-stroke or four stroke, beginner or novice. None the less there are always standouts in each class, with Paul Joyce, Rachel Schnakenberg, Tristin Cruzen, and Travis Horn all winning their divisions. The youth 65-70cc class is much the same thing, but with some different players, all on the race track at the same time but scored separately. In this class Ashton Carlson, Aidan Bromstead, Isabella Mitchell, and Zach Earwood all won their main events. Another race worth noting is the 85cc 4 stk novice where a high five goes out to Matthew Ott who fought long and hard for the victory over Reece Watowa.

The Youth 85cc 2-stk Novice and 85cc Open classes have the same racers and usually the same outcome. Travis Petton the 4th led the field into turn one with James Ott right behind. Petton posted the fastest single lap time of both 85cc races at 15.48 seconds and inched away from Ott to pick up two victories for the night. Ott stayed where he started both times and finished in second with Grant Holmes doing the most work of anyone in the class overcoming poor starts to finish third both times.

In the Vintage 360-250cc Air Cooled 2-stk class all riders are on the track together but scored separately due to engine displacement and ranking. Carl Whitt and Gary Lane went at it head to head in the heat race and main event even though Whitt was aboard a 250cc mount and Lane a 360cc. Both riders have pristine Bultacos and each won their respective classes, with Whitt having the single fastest lap time at 16.48 seconds to Lane's 16.52 second time. Lane also came back later in the program to top the Premier Senior class for riders over the age of seventy.

In the Classic Vintage 500-750cc class it looked as though Lenny Rodriquez would have a good night. Rodriquez led the heat race with current point's leader Tom Ferguson pulling out all the stops to find a way to the front. Lap time wise Rodriquez was at 17.22 seconds, which Ferguson usually has no trouble bettering. In the main event it was a whole different Ferguson who came to the starting line, this time out Ferguson aboard the Jim McMurren H.D. Sprint put his head down, took the lead and never looked back taking another victory in the class. As for Rodriquez, he finished second with James Kohls a solid third on his Triumph.

The highly completive Bomber class is always up for grabs as all the lap times are so close. Danny Perking looked the man to beat as he ran away with the heat race and appeared in good form. But it was Jimmy Lundgren on a barrowed machine from Jeff Johnson that nailed the start to lead through turns one and two. Joe Steffen was away in second on his Mr. Ed's Yamaha with Perkins third and newcomer to the class Steve Fortune fourth. On the run down the back straight Steffen shot past Lundgren for the lead and Perkins went wide through turns three and four losing some real estate to Fortune. By lap three Steffen held a two second gap over Lundgren and turned his fastest lap time of 15.22 seconds. Fortune had dropped off the pace and left Perkins with breathing room as the front four would go on to the checkered flag with the order unchanged.

Jim Rosa shot from pole to lead the Vet 35+ final into turn one. Jon Nunes riding a 2-stk mount was quickly all over Rosa fighting for the lead as they headed down the back straight, entering turn three on the first lap Nunes took over at the front diving underneath Rosa to do so. Will Ott ran in third with Brad Rudy fourth and Joel Kath fifth. At the completion of three laps Nunes held a full two second gap over Rosa in second as he turned his best lap time of 15.62 seconds. Back in third Ott now was receiving pressure from Rudy from behind as Rudy had picked up his pace and caught Ott. A lap later Rudy got a drive out of turn four and pulled alongside Ott up the front straight and dove to the inside entering turn one to take position and third place away from Ott. With a lap to go everyone seemed to have settled for the position they were in as Nunes cruised to the victory over Rosa, Rudy held his well deserved third spot with Ott still in fourth and Kath fifth in front of another four riders.

Seven riders made up the Open Unclassified main event, with young Jace Callison really stepping up when it counts taking over the lead on the first run down the back straight. Brandon Watters who led through turns one and two now ran in second with road racer Andre Ochs seeing the urgency and quickly slotting into third. Then on the second lap Watters went down just as Ochs was all over him, Ochs has to get the award for the save of the night as he not only missed hitting the downed Watters, but stayed upright after hitting his bike. This brought out the red flag stopping the race and Ochs appeared as though it was all in a days work. On the re-start Callison once again led with Ochs right behind in second and this time Scott Podergas in third. Super-Moto racer Cristan Olguin was away in sixth but not satisfied as he started a run forward that was impressive to say the least. At the front Callison was flawless as he and Ochs separated themselves from the rest of the field. A lap later Olguin was up to fifth and then on the run down the back straight in one swift move went from fifth to third with authority as the white flag came out. On the run to the checkered flag Ochs gave it one more try and crossed the stripe beside Callison's back wheel as Callison took a well deserved victory. Ochs was a solid second matching Callison's pace with Olguin the biggest mover in the field finishing third.

The Open Novice class was so large it warranted an "A" and "B" main event. In the "A" main Brian Harmon nailed the start to lead through turns one and two with Henry Canan in second Jaycee Jones third and L J Gronek fourth. On his first trip through turn four Gronek came oh so close to throwing it all away but through sheer determination saved it to continue on. On the next exit from turn two Gronek dropped Jones to fourth and locked cross hairs on the leaders. For two laps Canan worked the inside line closing what little ground there was between himself and Harmon. At this point Gabriel Alvarez had worked his way forward into the fourth place position and early leader Harmon slipped back to third. Jones had also faded from the front and was now running in fifth just in front of Monty Watowa and Doug Reyes. By the white flag Canan and Gronek had checked out on the rest of the field and would go on to finish in first and second. Harmon held on to third over a closing Alvarez.

Eleven riders made up the Open Amateur final. Brandon Watters jumped the start attempting to gain an advantage but instead only gained a trip back to the penalty line. On the next attempt Rich Hanson whose always fast shot into the lead with Alex Crosby in second, Jim Medlin was third with Jace Callison fourth and Joel Kath fifth, entering turn three for the second time Crosby ran it up under Hanson to take over the lead as Callison advanced to third. Then just as Watters from the penalty line had moved up fifth Rich Hanson went down in turn two bringing out the red flag. Watters made out on the re-start as he started from the front row this time and put it to good use as he led into turn one. Crosby was away in second with Kath in third and Callison in fourth. Rich Hanson who started from the third row was already up to seventh and on a mission. At the front Watters put in the fastest lap of the race at 15.25 seconds to Crosby's 15.68 and Callison's 16.00 flat. Kath running in fourth had seven riders behind him all within striking distance, but Kath is a veteran and is not easily rattled and held his position. Cody Van Dyke was the rider in fifth just ahead of Rich Hanson, Allison Stacey, Clayton Williams, and Jim Medlin. Back at the front Watters and Crosby had left the field far behind when all of a sudden the red flag was thrown again for Allison Stacey who was down on the back straight and made the short list of riders to go through the crash wall to the outside of the track. The concern was on the back straight on the other side of the crash wall it drops off steeply and Stacey was nowhere to be seen. Thankfully a visibly shaken Stacey was all right just missing a light pole by inches as she made he way back to race track level. At this point the race was considered complete as scoring reverted back one lap making Watters the victor with Crosby second and Callison third.

In the twenty lap Pro main event Jeff Johnson had to be the favorite as he easily won his heat race and was the only rider all night to go under the fifteen second mark at 14.93 seconds. Johnson did not disappoint as he led off the line with Colt Foster second, Andre Ochs third, Nick Gil fourth, Ian Foulds fifth, Travis Petton sixth, Paul Ott seventh, and Scott Podergois eighth. Johnson as always likes a high line around the race track as it allows him to slide sideways more. As he has stated many a time, "it's all about having fun, not winning." Foster realizing this dropped to the low line on the racetrack just waiting for Johnson to go too wide. Then around lap four Johnson indeed went too wide leaving the door open and Foster marched on through on the exit from turn two to take over the lead. All this while Foulds was up to third with Petton into fourth as Gil faded to fifth with Ott in sixth and Ochs dropping back to seventh. By the half way point Foster was getting away and not making any mistakes while Gil had regrouped and was gaining on Petton and Foulds. Lap time wise Ochs fastest lap was 15.10 seconds to Foulds 15.12 and Gil's 15.20 making them all evenly matched. Foster at the front had a fastest lap of 15.00 seconds flat. Next on the move forward was Ochs as he took sixth away from Ott while Gil seemed to catch a second wind and started a late march forward. Johnson meanwhile looked to be tiring and was dropping away from Foster who now held over a full second gap at the front. Gil on lap twelve got past Foulds for third and set his sights on Johnson who was some distance in front of him. Then on lap fourteen on the front straight just before turn one Foulds with no rhyme or reason went down hard. Petton doing all he could to avoid Foulds, couldn't avoid his bike hitting it hard with his left leg and foot. Then going down the back straight Petton pulled out of the race in pain, laying his bike down in the infield. This in turn moved Ochs up to fourth and Ott into fifth as the laps ran down to the checkered flag. With four laps remaining Johnson was closing slightly on Foster to within 6/10ths of a second. However what looked like Foster and Johnson both didn't realize was Gil was closing in on both of them, if only there would be enough time. At the white flag Gil showed Johnson a wheel entering turn one, as the two exited turn two they were side by side with Gil setting up Johnson for the run to the checkered flag which he won by just a few feet stealing second away from Johnson at the stripe. Foster had already crossed the line with the victory, Gil was a well deserved second, Johnson third, Ochs fourth, Ott fifth, and Podergois sixth the last rider left in the race. By this time the hot temperatures had subsided, the crash wall had long been fixed and the 10:00 p.m. curfew had been meet, all in all another night of great racing!


July 26 2014 Round 7

250 Youth Open

1.    Alex Crosby

2.    Allison Stacey

3.    Jace Callison

4.    Travis Petton

5.    Clayton Williams

6.    Grant Holmes

7.    Jaycee Jones

8.    Monica Gil

9.    Justin Hanson

50cc 2 Stk Nov

1.    Paul Joyce

2.    Ashton Carlson

3.    Colin Petton

4.    Tanner Richey

5.    Dylan Frost

50cc 2 Stk Beginner

1.    Rachel Schnakenberg

2.    Logan Daugherty

3.    Ethan Daugherty

4.    Ivan Big G

5.    Lillyanna Carlson

50cc 4 Stk. Beginner

1.    Tristin Cruzen

50cc 4 Stk Novice

1.    Travis Horn

85 2 Stk Novice

1.    Travis Petton

2.    James Ott

3.    Grant Holmes

4.    Evan Harich

5.    Frank Flores

6.    Alyssa Flores

7.    Matthew Ott

65-70cc 2 Stk Beginner

1.    Ashton Carlson

2.    Conner Hickerson

3.    Anthony Salaberrios

4.    Sierra Hickerson

65-70cc 2 Stk Novice

1.    Aidan Bromstead

65-70cc  4 Stk Beginner

1.    Isabella Mitchell

65-70cc 4 Stk Novice

1.    Zach Earwood

85cc 4 Stk Novice

1.    Matthew Ott

2.    Reece Watowa

3.    David Seminario

4.    Jake Mitchell

85cc Open

1.    Travis Petton

2.    James Ott

3.    Grant Holmes

4.    Frank Flores

5.    Alyssa Flores

6.    Evan Harich

Vintage 360 & 250 cc 2 Stk Air Cooled

 250 Novice

1.    Michael fritz

2.    Patrick Irwin

3.    Tamara Wilson

250 Amateur

1.    Carl Whitt

2.    Harly Legowski

360 Amateur

1.    Gary Lane

Men’s 4 Stk

1.    Billy Katkov

2.    Dee Kilroy

Senior Vet’s + 50 Experts

1.    Jim Lundgren

2.    Jim Ottele

3.    Dan Kane  


Classic Vintage


1.    Tom Ferguson

2.    Lenny Rodriquez

3.    James Kohls

4.    Joe Pape

5.    Hayden Roberts


1.    Fred Berger

Vet Senior + 50 Amateur

1.    Jim Medlin

2.    Robert Steller

3.    Tim Watters

Premier Seniors + 70

1.    Gary Lane

2.    Mike Brooks

3.    Preston Petty

4.    Allan Girdler

Super Senior + 60

1.    David Molitor

2.    Greg Powell

3.    Paul Claybaugh


1.    Joe Steffen

2.    Jim Lundgren

3.    Danny Perkins

4.    Steve Fortune

Vets - 35 Years

1.    Jon Nunes

2.    Jim Rosa

3.    Brad Rudy

4.    Will Ott

5.    Joel Kath

6.    Robert Stettler

7.    Brian Harmon

8.    Jim Bandelin

9.    Robert  Bray

Open Unclassified Non Paying

1.    Jace Callison

2.    Andre Ochs

3.    Cristan Olguin

4.    Scott Podergas

5.    Brandon Watters

6.    LJ Gronek

7.    Allison Stacey

Senior Vet’s + 50 Novice

1.    Greg Powell

2.    Barney Sterns

3.    Fred Berger

4.    Danny Mathis

5.    Paul Claybaugh

Vintage 750

1.    Jim Ottele

2.    Tim Watters

Open Novice “ A “ Main

1.    Henry Canan

2.    LJ Gronek

3.    Brian Harmon

4.    Gabriel Alvarez

5.    Jaycee Jones

6.    Monty Watowa

7.    Doug Reyes

Open Novice “ B “ Main

1.    Travis Friedrich

2.    Jim Bandelin

3.    Ron Duarte

4.    Stephen Yoshida

5.    Chris Andres

Open Amateur

1.    Brandon Watters

2.    Alex Crosby

3.    Jace Callison

4.    Joel Kath

5.    Cody Van Dyke

6.    Rich Hanson

7.    Allison Stacey

8.    Clayton Williams

9.    Jim Medlin

10.    Jeremy Templemen

11.    Scott Hanson


1.    Colt Foster

2.    Nick Gil

3.    Jeff Johnson

4.    Andre Ochs

5.    Paul Ott

6.    Scott Podergois