SCFTA Perris Round 8
August 23, 2014

Photos by Janice Blunt

Article by Jamey Blunt

This is the distance that separated #98 Kayl Kolkman and #37 Jimmy Wood with two laps remaining in the Pro Main Event.

#37 Jimmy Wood led the early stages of the pro final over #98 Kayl Kolkman, but after swapping the lead a few times Kolkman made it stick and went on to victory.

The start of the pro main event saw #37 Jimmy Wood on pole with #98 Kayl Kolkman to his right. The rest of the front row compiled of #12y John Vanderlan, #43 A J Hateley, #87 Jeff Johnson and #46 Andre Ochs.

#26 Travis Freidrich had to battle through fifteen riders just to reach the Open Novice "A" main event. Then after all that he raced the "A" main to take a well deserved victory! His 16.06 second lap time was also the fastest in the class.

#28 Ron Lessley showed up at Perris with his Bultaco and not only hammered the Classic Vintage class, he also had the fastest lap time at 16.42 seconds! #4r Lenny Rodriguez and #95 Tom Ferguson swapped places by the end of the race,

#46 Road Racer Andre Ochs had to work his way to the front for the victory in the Open Unclassified Main. #112 Jace Callison and #3 (Road Racer) Joe Roberts succumb to Och's speed. He would also go on to finish fourth in the pro main event after a terrible start.

The Vet +35 class started out with thirteen riders. #12ePaul Ott got away on the start and stretched it out every lap. From Pole: #19r Brad Rudy, #12e Paul Ott, #88 Jim Rosa, #42 Bill Kolkman, #11 Jim Medlin, #53 Jess Flores, #19v Joel Kath, #178 Robert Stettler, #93 Josh Welch, and #71 Jim Bandeli9-

#87 Jeff Johnson is fast; even when he's fast asleep! Johnson (having fun) won the Bomber main event over #82 Travis Petton the 2nd with a fastest lap time of 15.12 seconds.

#82 Travis Petton the 4th pretty much owns everything on an 85cc motorcycle. #12 James Ott seems to nail the starts and #7x Grant Holmes is FAST! But somehow Travis seems to always finish first. His fastest lap was 15.95 seconds.

#5 Rachel Schnakenberg in new to Perris, coming from speedway racing. But she put in a good show topping the 50cc 2-stk beginner field. Her fastest lap was 22.18 seconds. #95 Jiselle Welch gives chase.

#25 Travis (Corner Speed) Horn is one of the fastest in the 50cc class period. His corner speed is second to none, and he lapped at 19.09 seconds on a 50cc!

#198 Alex Crosby held off #95 Clayton Williams for the victory in the Youth 250cc Open final. He also came back with a second in the Open Amateur main event. His fastest lap was a blistering 15.39 seconds!

Head E.M.T. at Perris, Ashleigh gives Eli (who works about every position at the races depending on what's needed) a ride at the intermission break.

     Photos by Janice Blunt  -  Article by Jamey Blunt

Flat Track or sometimes referred to as Dirt Track is the only form of motorcycle competition that is unique to; or originated if you will, in the United States. In some of the earliest years there were the Board Tracks made from Two by Four boards turned on their sides, hence the name. Then there were the fair ground horse race tracks adapted as well as possible for motorcycles. As the sport progressed purpose built race tracks evolved across this great country and all was right with the world. Then from across the pond came word of a new discipline called Moto-Cross and the racing of motorcycles changed forever. This is but a short glimpse at what transpired, but back to Flat Track, thankfully there are still those who remember the days gone by and are willing to do what they can to keep Flat Track racing alive. The S.C.F.T.A. is one such entity and with the tireless efforts of Vince Graves, Donna and Freddie Edwards the sport has steadily grown to and average of one hundred fifty entries at each round. Not to forget the pristine mile race track they built at great expense. There's hope for the rebel alliance yet, young steel shoed Jedi's.

With eleven different youth classes from 50cc machines all the way up to and including the 250cc mounts this composes forty one entries of the total one hundred forty six on hand for round eight. In the 250cc field Alex Crosby has become the force to be reckoned with. Clayton Williams, Jace Callison, and Travis Petton the 4th gave chase in this order. A lap into the race saw things settle down as Allison Stacey settled in at fifth with Justin Hanson sixth and Grant Holmes seventh. Lap three Crosby posted the fastest lap of the race at 15.39 seconds as the front three were separating themselves from the rest of the field. The order would remain unchanged to the finish and later in the program Crosby would test himself against the big boys in the Open Amateur class where he finished second to Jace Callison.

The 50cc class has four different divisions as to two-stroke or four stroke machines, novices or beginners, in an attempt to level the racing field. Newcomer Rachel Schnakenberg took the victory in the largest 50cc field, but it was Travis (corner speed) Horn who once again was the overall fastest of the 50's with a lap time of 18.77 seconds.

His win came in the 50cc 4-stk novice final.

Travis Petton the 4th and Alyssa Flores both jumped the start in the 85cc 2-stk Novice final and started the race from the penalty line. On the re-start James Ott led through turns one and two followed by Grant Holmes. On the first run down the back straight Petton was quickly up to third and on the exit from turn four passed Holmes for second position. For three laps Petton pressured Ott, who was protecting the inside line keeping Petton at bay. Then on the start of lap four entering turn one Ott left an opening and Petton made a move only to have Ott take his line away keeping Petton in second, but Petton was not to be denied and got a drive down the back straight and took over the lead entering turn three. With little time left the order was set and as they crossed the stripe it was Petton, Ott, Holmes, Evan Harich, Alyssa Flores and Frank Flores. The 85cc Open class had the same players with Petton (15.95 sec.) picking up his second victory, only this time over Holmes who upped his lap time to 16.04 seconds to top Ott (16.30 sec.) who finished in third.

The Youth 65-70cc Class is another one that has several classes combined in one race. Zack Earwood at 20.45 seconds was the top 4-stk beginner in the field with Rocco Landers besting Conner Hickerson in the 2-stk beginner final.

Jeff Johnson dressed all in black like Darth Vader used the force (underneath him) in his Yamaha TT-500 to launch from the starting line in the Bomber main event. Jimmy Lundgren who has really picked up his pace lately was away in second only to have Travis Petton the 2nd take the position away in the blink of an eye. Joe Steffen ran in fourth with Jeff Gonzales and Pete Lawson giving chase. Three laps complete has Johnson with a 1.3 second advantage over Petton with Johnson posting the fastest lap of the race at 15.12 seconds to Petton's 15.30. At this point Lundgren also made a huge mistake in turn two but managed to save it, only it was too late as Steffen pounced and took over at third. As they took the checkered flag the finishing order was Johnson, Petton, Steffen, Lundgren, Gonzales and Lawson.

Thirteen riders made up the Vet +35 Main Event. Paul Ott was first to leave the starting line with Brad Rudy in second, Jim Medlin third, Jim Rose fourth, Bill Kolkman fifth, and Jeff Lessley on a Suzuki 500cc 2-stk twin in sixth. Ott at the front was starting to get away as Medlin moved past Rudy for second with Rose following him through dropping Rudy to fourth. On the next run through turns three and four Rosa gave Medlin a love tap as Jim Bandelin was on the ground on the exit from turn two. At the white flag Ott held a sizable lead with a four way battle over second behind him. On the last lap Medlin suffered what looked to be an engine problem allowing Rosa up into second, Kolkman to advance to third, with Robert Stettler finishing in fourth as Medlin dropped all the way back to fifth. Lap time wise Ott held the fastest lap at 15.72 seconds, with Rudy the only other rider to drop into the fifteens at 15.89 seconds.

The Open Unclassified is a race whatever you want class. New, old, doesn't matter, what it does though is provide more seat time for the riders, all of whom are usually entered in other classes. Andre Ochs made a second appearance at Perris but it was Jace Callison who would lead into turn one with Joe Roberts in second but on the far outside as Ochs dropped to the pole and went to work and advanced to second by the completion of the first lap. Two laps in had Frankie Garcia find his pace and advance to fourth closing in on the leaders. At this point Ochs had also disposed of Callison at the front and was attempting to break away from the field. On the start of lap four Roberts stuck a wheel under Callison in turn one and pushed Callison wide which allowed Roberts into second and Garcia with heads up racing taking over at third. Next time around Ochs saw the white flag and posted a 15.62 second lap time, the fastest of the race. As the checkered flag came out, the finishing order was Ochs, Roberts, Garcia, Callison, and L J Gronek.

On the first attempted start of the Senior Vet +50 expert final Jim Wood jumped the start and was sent to the penalty line. On the second attempted start Jimmy Lundgren did likewise and was sent back. On the third attempted start John Perez led the field into turn one only to make a mistake in turn two and see a flash of color that was Joe Steffen as he shot past Perez for the lead. Larry Earhart ran in third with Bill Kolkman in fourth. Steffen up front was getting away and put in the fastest lap time of the field at 15.14 seconds. By the completion of two laps Steffen held a sizable lead over Perez, who under pressure from Earhart tried to make Perris a bigger track than it is when he went real wide between turns three and four allowing Earhart to close to his back wheel. At the white flag Steffen held a three second advantage at the front as Jim Ottele came pushing his way forward from fourth to pass Perez for second place, this making the final tally Steffen, Ottele, Perez, Earhart, and Jim Wood climbing back up to fifth. 

The top nine from a field of fifteen fought their way into the Open Novice "A" main event. Brian Harmon led the field through turns one and two with Travis Freidrich glued to his back wheel. On the second exit from turn two Freidrich shot past Harmon to take over the lead as Parker Earhart settled in at third with Henry Canan in fourth. Once out front Freidrich put his head down and left the field behind to fight over second on back. Freidrich also posted the fastest lap of the race at 16.06 seconds as he went on to take the victory over Harmon, with Canan getting past Earhart for third displacing Earhart to fourth with Jim Bandelin in fifth.

After two red flags and four starts the Open Amateur main event was finally underway. When it was all said and done Jace Callison who had the overall fastest lap at 15.25 seconds won the war over Alex Crosby, Joel Kath, Josh Welch, Clayton Williams, Allison Stacey, and Colton Elliott. This which was all that was left of the field running after all the mayhem.

Fourteen riders made up the Pro Main Event. Jimmy Wood in a rare racing appearance at Perris sat on pole next to Kayl Kolkman both of whom were heat race winners. Wood was first to leave the line with Kolkman close behind. Pushing hard through the field to slot in at third was past S.C.F.T.A. Pro class champion A J Hateley. Travis Petton the 2nd was in fourth with Jeff Johnson fifth, and Joe Roberts in sixth. Four laps complete saw the front three separate themselves from the field with Wood and Kolkman holding a slight advantage over Hateley. By this point Andre Ochs who entered turn one in twelfth was starting his march forward picking off riders one by one. Lap six Wood went wide between turns three and four and Kolkman went past to take over at the front as Petton and Johnson were swapping paint over the fourth place position. Then starting lap seven Kolkman went wide entering turn one as Wood dove to the inside to retake the lead and blocked Kolkman's line entering turn three to secure the position. At this point Hateley was about twelve bike lengths back watching and waiting to see what might happen. By lap eight the leaders were into lappers as Ochs was still moving forward. With five laps remaining Kolkman went to the inside on the exit from turn four and crossed the line side by side with Wood for the lead. With four laps to go Kolkman had secured his position at the front as he worked through the lappers. Wood though was only about three bike lengths back giving it his all. Hateley was alone in third with Petton fourth and Roberts fifth under attack from Ochs, who was putting on a final push forward. With three laps remaining Ochs passed Roberts for fifth and was locked in on Petton in front of him, a half lap later Ochs put a wheel under Petton and took over fourth making him the biggest gainer in the race. As the white flag came out a rider was down between turns three and four as the field avoided him. Kolkman went on to victory by four bike lengths over Wood with Hateley a solid third and Ochs a hard earned fourth. Wood would post the fastest overall lap time of the night at 14.64 seconds to Kolkman's 14.80. After the race Kolkman and Wood had this to say. (Wood) "It was tired out there, was I the only one to think that or did you think so too Kayl?" (Kayl) "There was a thick mist of tired out there!" "Yea it started settling down about lap eight; didn't you feel it up in the tower? Or were the windows closed?" Good to see that after a hard race these two national riders still have the energy for a good sense of humor!

SCFTA at Perris - Results 8/23/2014

250 Open

1. Alex Crosby

2. Clayton Williams

3. Jace Callison

4. Travis Petton lll

5. Allison Stacey

6. Justin Hanson

7. Grant Holmes

8. Jaycee Jones

9. Noah Bush

10. Monica Gil

50cc 2 Stk. Novice

1. Dylan Frost

2. Colin Petton

50cc 4 Stk Beginner

1. Cody Morin

50cc 4 Stk Novice

1. Travis Horn

50 cc 2 Stk. Beginner

1. Rachel Schnakenberg

2. Logan Daugherty

3. Jiselle Welch

4. Ethan Daugherty

85cc 2 Stk Novice

1. Travis Petton

2. James Ott

3. Grant Holmes

4. Evan Harich

5. Alyssa Flores

6. Frank Flores

85cc-100cc 4 Stk. Beginner

1. Jake Mitchell

2. Skylar Schnakenberg

85cc Open

1. Travis Petton

2. Grant Holmes

3. James Ott

4. Alyssa Flores

5. Evan Harich

6. Frank Flores


1. Jeff Johnson

2. Travis Petton

3. Joe Steffen

4. Jim Lundgren

5. Jeff Gonzales

6. Pete Lawson

65cc  4 Stk Beginner

1. Zack Earwood

2. Paige Britt

3. Johann Welch

4. Isabella Mitchell

65cc-70cc 4 Stk Novice

1. Travis Horn

65-70 cc 2 Stk. Beginner

1. Rocco Landers

2. Conner Hickerson

3. Cody Morin

4. Sierra Hickerson

Vet’s +35

1. Paul Ott

2. Jim Rosa

3. Bill Kolkman

4. Rober5t Stettler

5. Jim Medlin

6. Jeff Lessley

7. Joel Kath

8. Jess Flores

9. Josh Welch

10. Adam Waheed

11. Brian Harmon

Vintage 250 & 260 2 Stk AirCooled

360 Amateur

1. Danny Manthis

250 Amateur

1. Carl Whitt

250 Novice

1. Matthe Welch Weinberger

Men’s 4 Stroke

1. Dee Kilroy

2. Billy Katkov

Open Unclassified NON Paying

1. Andre Ochs

2. Joe Roberts

3. Frankie Garcia

4. Jace Callison

5. LJ Gronek

750 Vintage

1. Jim Ottele

Classic Vintage 500-750cc

1. Ron Lessley

2. Tom Ferguson

3. Lenny Rodriguez

4. James Kohls

5. Joe Pape

6. Steve Warne

Classic Vintage 250cc

1. Fred Berger

Super Senior

1. Dennis Kanegae

2. David Molitor

3. Greg Powell

4. Paul Claybaugh

Premier Seniors

1. Mike Brooks

2. Preston Petty

3. Allan Girdler

Senior Vet’s + 50 Experts

1. Joe Steffen

2. Jim Ottele

3. John Perez

4. Larry Earhart

5. Jim Woods

6. Bill Kolkman

7. Jim Lundgren

Senior +50 Amateur

1. Tim Watters

2. Jim Medlin

3. Robert Stettler

4. Larkin Wight

5. Steele Friedrich

6. Pete Lawson

7. Greg Powell

Open Novice A MAIN

1. Travis Freidrich

2. Brian Harmon

3. Henry Canan

4. Parker Earhart

5. Jim Bandelin

6. LJ Gronek

7. Gabe Alveraz

8. Justin Hanson

9. Chris Andres

Open Novice B Main

1. Jaycee Jones

2. Monty Watawa

3. Ron Duarte

4. Hayden Earhood

5. Stephen Yoshida

6. Noah Bush

Senior +50 Novice

1. Mioke Boal

2. John Rudder

3. Barney Stern

4. Fred Berger

5. Paul Claybaugh

6. Danny Manthis

Open Amateur

1. Jace Callison

2. Alex Crosby

3. Joel Kath

4. Josh Welch

5. Clayton Williams

6. Allison Stacy

7. Colton Elliott


1. Kayl Kolkman

2. Jimmy Wood

3. Ajay Hately

4. Andre Ochs

5. Joe Roberts

6. Travis Petton

7. Nick Gil

8. Jeff Johnson

9. Robert Bush