SCFTA Perris Round 11

November 8, 2014

Photos by Janice Blunt

Captions by Jamey Blunt

#22 Ashton Carlson and #25 Travis Horn were on the race track at the same time, but scored separately. Carlson took the win in the 50cc 2-stk Nov. division while Horn won the 50cc 4-stk class.

#56 Zac Earwood put in a 19.92 second lap time to capture the top spot in the Youth 50cc 2-stk Beginner main event. Earwood hails from Whittier, Calif.

 #82 Travis Petton the 4th beat out #198 Alex Crosby and #112 Jace Callison for the victory in the Youth 250cc Open main event. Petton's fastest lap was 15.55 seconds.

On the start of the Senior +50 Amateur final (from pole) #7a Pete Lawson, #35 Tim Watters, #178 Robert Stettler, #146 Bill Wright, #27 Tim McWhorter, #420 Greg Powell, & #26 Steel Friedrich. Stettler was the winner with a fastest lap time of 16.06 seconds.

 #83 Harly Legowski was the fastest of the Powder Puff's beating #00 Monica Gil to the stripe. Harly's best lap time was 17.18 seconds.


 #558 Branden Watters at 15.01 seconds was the fastest in the Open Unclassified field. Watters has really picked up his pace in the 2014 season!

7 #22 David Molitor beat out #59 Richard Pollock for the win in the Super Senior +60 Main Event. Molitor's fastest lap was 15.86 seconds!

#87 Jeff Johnson once again ruled the Senior Vet +50 Expert class! Johnson is always having fun either sliding or with the front wheel in the air.....

#68 Gary Lane is becoming the force in the Premier Senior class, for racers over seventy years of age. #672 Mike Brooks and #86d Allan Girdler just couldn't match Lane's 15.68 second lap time.

This was the start of the Open Amateur final. #112 Jace Callison with a fast lap time of 15.12 seconds was the winner over #95 Clayton Williams, #198 Alex Crosby, # 59 Richard Pollock, # 741 Chad Caldwell, and #41 Justin Tinkham in seventh.

#109 Ron Duarte held off a big Open Novice field for the win. Giving chase was #218 Gabe Alvarez, #67 Brian Harmen and #4 Henry Canan (who would go on to finish second). Duarte's fastest lap time was 16.08 seconds.

 Can anyone stop #87 Jeff Johnson's winning ways? That's the question... The Bomber Class was Johnson's second victory of the night!!

#12e Paul Ott is back in a big way! Ott not only had the overall fastest lap time of the Vet+35 field at 14.86 seconds, he was the only rider in the class to drop into the fourteen's all night. #42 Bill Kolkman has picked up his pace but just couldn't catch Ott.

 #58y Jim Ottele topped the Vintage 750cc class with a fastest lap time of 15.30 seconds! Ottele was 3/4 of a second faster than the rest of the field...

In the early stages of the twenty lap pro main event, National #54 Mikey Rush held the lead over National #98 Kayl Kolkman. However by lap two Kolkman was in the lead and slowly pulled away to a two second margin of victory over Rush.

 First and second in the twenty lap Pro Main Event were #98 Kayl Kolkman and #54 Mikey Rush. Kolkman's fastest lap was a 14.62 second one.

Local rider #44e Nick Armstrong has been racing national events this season and comes back to his roots at Perris when his schedule allows. Armstrong put in a great showing, rounding out the podium when the checkered flag flew. The experience Armstrong has gained really shows as he posted the third fastest lap time of the night at 14.84 seconds!

National #98 Kayl Kolkman won the twenty lap pro main event at round eleven on the Perris 1/4 mile oval. Kolkman also posted the single fastest lap of the night at 14.6 seconds! Don't think it was easy for Kolkman just because he won with a margin of two seconds over National #54 (Two time Daytona short track winner) Mikey Rush. Kolkman had to earn this one and he did, by being smooth and consistent. The rumor is though Kolkman will switch back to Honda mounts in the 2015 season.

Spotted in the pits at Perris for round eleven were John Kocinski and John Kocinski Jr. (Johnny). Johnny at just four years of age is showing two wheeled promise! Who knows he might just even top dad's number of world championships. No one would be prouder than John himself! The two stayed for the entire night's program as spectators just hanging out...

Results Round 11

November 8, 2014

250 Youth Open
1.    Travis Petton IV
2.    Alex Crosby
3.    Jace Callison
4.    Grant Holmes
5.    Jaycee Jones
6.    Monica Gil
7.    Noah Bush
8.    Jeremiah Krueger

50cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Zack Earwood
2.    Rachel Schnakenberg
3.    Logan Daugherty
4.    Ethan Daugherty
5.    Chase Beveridge
6.    Lillyanna Carlson

50cc 4 Stk. Beg
1.    Dustin Staggs
2.    Cameron Titterness
3.    Race Reed
4.    Troy Alverez

50cc 2 Stk Nov
1.    Ashton Carlson
2.    Dylan Frost
3.    Colin Petton

50cc 4 Stk Nov
1.    Travis Horn

85cc 2 Stk Nov
1.    Travis Petton
2.    James Ott
3.    Grant Holmes
4.    Zaden florez
5.    Frank Flores
6.    Alyssa Flores

65cc 2 Stk Beg
1.    Dustin Staggs
2.    Conner hicerson
3.    Ashton Carlson
4.    Ava Bush
5.    Sierra Hickerson
6.    Anthony Salaberrios

65cc 4 Stk Nov.
1.    Travis Horn

65cc 4 Stk beg
1.    Zac Earwood
2.    Ana Bush
3.    Isabella Mitchell

65cc 2 Stk Nov
1.    Slater Lightcap       

85cc 4 Stk Nov.
1.    Matthew Ott
2.    David Seminario

85cc 4 Stk Beg
1.    Skylar Schnakenberg
2.    Jake Mitchell

85cc Youth Open
1.    Travis Petton
2.    James Ott
3.    Grant Holmes
4.    Zaden Florez
5.    Frank Flores
6.    Alyssa Flores

Senior +50 Amatuer
1.    Robert Stettler
2.    Tim Watters
3.    Tim McWhorter
4.    Steel Friedrich
5.    Bill Wright
6.    Greg Powell

1.    Harly Legowski
2.    Monica Gil
3.    Dee Kilroy
4.    Randi Rudin
5.    Tami Greenhill

Open Unclassified
1.    Branden Watters
2.    Jace Callison
3.    Chad Caldwell
4.    LJ Gronek
5.    Chris Anders
6.    Christian Olgun

Super Senior + 60
1.    David Molitor
2.    Richard Pollack
3.    Greg Powell
4.    Paul Claybaugh

Senior + 50 Novice
1.    Mike Boal
2.    Fred Berger
3.    Jim Bandelin
4.    Rolf Greenhill
5.    Paul Claybaugh
6.    Ken Shilling
7.    Danny Manthis

Men’s 4 Stk
1.    Billy Katkov
2.    Matthew Ott
3.    Dee Kilroy

Senior Vet’s + 50 Experts
1.    Jeff Johnson
2.    Joe Steffen
3.    Bill Kolkman
4.    Jim Ottele
5.    Larry Earhart
6.    Jim Lundgren
7.    Richard Pollock
8.    Jim Medlin
9.    James Davis
10.    Dan Kane

Premier Senior +70
1.    Gary Lane
2.    Mike Brooks
3.    Allan Girdler

Vintage 750
1.    Jim Ottele
2.    Steve Fortune
3.    Julian Heppekausen
4.    Nate Hudson

Classic Vintage
1.    Fred Berger
1.    Tom Ferguson
2.    Chris Apple
3.    Mike Boal
4.    Joe Pape
5.    Lenny Rodriquez
6.    Steve Warne
7.    James Kohls

Vet’s 35
1.    Paul Ott
2.    Bill Kolkman
3.    Jim Rosa
4.    Jon Nunes
5.    Brad Rudy
6.    Jim Medlin
7.    Chris Anders
8.    James Davis
9.    Joel Kath
10.    Robert Stettler

1.    Jeff Johnson
2.    Travis Petton Jr
3.    Danny Perkins
4.    Joe Steffen
5.    Jim Lundgren

Vintage 250 & 360 Air Cooled
250 Amateur
1.    Carl Whitt
2.    Harly Legowski
250 Novice
1.    Michael Fritz
360 Novice
1.    Gary Lane
2.    Nevin Pontious
360 Amateur
1.    Danny Manthis

Open Novice
1.    Ron Duarte
2.    Henry Canan
3.    Chris Anders
4.    Gabe Alvarez
5.    Brian Harmen
6.    LJ Gronek
7.    Noah Bush
8.    Hayden Earwood
9.    Jim Bandelin
10.    Stephen Yoshida
11.    Jaycee Jones

Open Amatuer
1.    Jace Callison
2.    Clayton Williams
3.    Alex Crosby
4.    Richard Pollock
5.    Chad Caldwell
6.    Scott Hanson
7.    Justin Tinkham
8.    Ian Adolphe
9.    Joel Kath

1.    Kayl Kolkman
2.    Mike Rush
3.    John Vanderlaan
4.    Nick Armstrong
5.    Joe Roberts
6.    Nick Gil
7.    Paul Ott
8.    Scott Podergois
9.    Brandon Watters