SCFTA Perris Round 4

May 15, 2015

Photos by Janice Blunt

Captions by Jamey Blunt

On the way to Perris for round #4 from the west coast
a steady light rain was falling making one wonder if round four
would take place at all. Also on the ninety one freeway two time
world champion John Kocinski drafter us and left us in his dust
and we were doing eighty miles an hour! Fond memory!!! Once
at the track the turnout was light compared to other rounds, but by
time for the riders meeting one hundred eighty seven strong had came
through the front gate and were ready to race. The typical thirty five
heat races made for thirty one main events, and John Kocinski once
again stretched his unbeaten streak at Perris and posted the overall
fastest lap time of round four at 14.34 seconds. The youth classes
keep getting spread thinner and thinner as parents complain that some
kids are too fast for their own child, even though they are all on the
same displaced sized bike. The youth classes accounted for seventeen
different classes! Confusing to say the least, espically to spectators.
With only one scorer Janice Blunt was pulled from her photo duties
to work in the tower with timing and scoring. As usual the races were run
without a problem and finished well short of the 10:00 p.m. curfew.
Rounds five and six are a double header in the month of June, which
should be an even larger turnout as tempatures are warming up. You
might even see a two time world champion on the way to Perris. Just
don't attempt to keep up with him, you probably can't handle it, and
the castor oil smoke stings your eyes.

 #3 John Kocinski set the overall fastest lap time of the night here
in practice at 14.51 seconds! Kocinski also used "ELSIE", his
Knight framed Honda 250cc air cooled 2-stk mount to extend
his unbeaten streak at Perris topping the Vet +35 Expert field.

#84E Colt Foster seems to really like the Pro Class.
Foster turned consistent 15.15 second lap times to
take the victory in the twenty lap Pro Main Event!

#88 Josh Mills from Murrieta won the
Bomber Novice final. As this class usually dictates
he did it on a Yamaha TT-500cc mount.

#37 Donnie Moore was tops in the field of Senior Vet +50 Novice racers.
Moore easily captured the victory in the main event.

#19R Brad Rudy has picked his pace up and put in a 15.56 second lap in route to
the victory in the Vet +50 Amateur final. Rudy also contests the Men's 4-stk
class where he took a second place.

#87 Jeff (the Jester) Johnson won both the Senior Vet +50 Expert
and the Bomber Expert main events. He used a Yamaha TT-500
in all classes, and posted a 14.94 second lap time in the process!!!

#42 Chris Campos didn't have the overall fastest lap time at
16.30 seconds. What he did though is string a series of these
laps together to take the victory in the Vet +35 Novice Main.

#22 Jimmy Gillen came so close to leaving the fifteen
second marker behind, turning a 15.03 second lap on his way
to winning the Open Unclassified main event.

#53 Alyssa Flores was the class of the field in the
Power Puff class! She left the rest of the field far

#22 Matt Spiwak turned 16.80 second lap times to
win the Men's 4-stk class. Imagine, full sized adults on Honda XR-100's.

#12E Jeff Lessley built himself a Suzuki 2-stk twin.
Not the easiest bike to race on the Perris 1/4 mile oval.
But he turned a 15.30 second lap time to win the Super Senior
+60 class, and is still sorting the bike out!

#95 Tom Ferguson uses a Harley Sprint to win the
Classic Vintage mains. He gives up displacement
much of the time, but has the fastest corner speed..
His fastest lap time was 16.72 seconds at round four.

#12E James Ott keeps picking up his pace. At round four
he won the 250cc Youth Open main event with a fast lap time
of 15.24 seconds. Expect great things from this still young

#82 Travis Petton the 4th put his Honda on the
top step of the podium in the 85cc Open class.
On his 85cc his fastest lap was 15.30 seconds!

#27 Avery Modica posted a fastest lap time of
18.12 seconds to win the 85cc 2-stk Beginner
main event.

#7x Grant Holmes won the 85cc 2-stk Amateur class
and also competes in the Youth 250cc field. On his 85cc
mount his fastest lap time was 15.95 seconds!

#713 Jasper Heathfield (who needs better numbers so the scorers can read them)
won the 50cc 4-stk Beginner main event.

#3 Sierra Hickerson took the top step of the
podium in the 65cc 4-stk Beginner final. 

#46 Colin Petton won both the 50cc 2-stk Am. main and the
65cc 2-stk Beg. final. his fastest lap time was 19.39 seconds!

#5 Tony Alvarez Made an appearance at Perris and took third
place honors in the 50cc 4-stk Beg. class. I believe he's on
an electric bike as well. This kid needs gloves! Any sponsors

Results SCFTA Perris

Rd. #4

May 16, 2015

50cc 2 Stk Amateur
1.    Colin Petton
2.    Ashton Carlson

50cc 4 Stk. Amateur
1.    Travis Horn

50cc 2 Stk Novice
1.    Rachel Schnakenberh

50cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Jasper Heathfield
2.    Gaughe Modica
3.    Troy Alvarez

50cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Levi Levtz
2.    Chase Gray

65cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Colin Petton
2.    Ashton Carlson

65cc 4 Stk Novice
1.    Zack Earwood

65cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Sierra Hickerson
2.    Isabella Mitchell

65cc Open
1.    Travis Horn
2.    Sierra Hickerson
3.    Isabella Mitchell

85cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Skylar Schnakenberg
2.    Jake Mitchell
3.    Conner Hickerson
4.    Jeremiah Krueger
5.    Roslyn Kay
6.    Zack Earwood

85cc 4 Stk Novice
1.    Brett Cooke

85cc 2 Stk Amateur
1.    Grant Holmes
2.    Travis Petton
3.    Frank Flores
4.    Alyssa Flores

85cc 2 Stk Novice
1.    Zaden Florez

85cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Avery Modica
2.    Tanner Richey
3.    Conner Hickerson

85cc Open
1.    Travis Petton
2.    Grant Holmes
3.    Zaden Florez
4.    Alyssa Flores
5.    Frank Flores
6.    Jake Mitchell
7.    Brett Cooke

250cc Youth Open
1.    James Ott
2.    Travis Petton
3.    Clayton Williams
4.    Grant Holmes
5.    Jacob Cascio
6.    Noah Bush
7.    Justin Hanson DNS

Classic Vintage
1.    Tom Ferguson
2.    James Kohls
3.    Julian Heppekausen
4.    Jim Ottele
5.    Nevin Pontious\
6.    Ben Meyer DNS

Super Senior +60
1.    Jeff Lessley
2.    Steve Zoumaras
3.    Dan Kane
4.    Paul Claybaugh
5.    De Wayne Jones
6.    Greg Powell
7.    Ronnie Moore

Men’s 4 Stk
1.    Matt Spiwak
2.    Brad Rudy
3.    John Gridler
4.    Beau Nilsson
5.    Dean Mizdac
6.    Nevin Pontiis

Open Unclassified
1.    Jimmy Gillen
2.    Alex Crosby
3.    James Ott
4.    Cristian Olguin
5.    LJ Gronek
6.    Evan Markus
7.    Matt Ott
8.    Carlin Dunne

Powder Puff
1.    Alyssa Flores
2.    Jaycee Jones
3.    Monica Gill
4.    Jeanette Griggs
5.    Dee Kilroy

Vet’s +35 Novice
1.    Chris Campos
2.    Brian Harmon
3.    Jim Bandelin
4.    Donnie Moore
5.    Matt Spinak
6.    Andrew Myers
7.    David Wada
8.    Julian Heppekausen

750 Vintage
1.    Jim Ottele
2.    Julian Heppekausen

Vintage 360cc 2stk a/c Amateur
1.    Gary Lane
Vintage 250cc 2 stk a/c Amateur
1.    Harly Legowski

Vet’s +35 Experts
1.    John kocinski
2.    Robert Bush
3.    Paul Ott
4.    Jim Rosa
5.    Jeremy Toye
6.    Steve Zoumaras

Vet’s + 35 Amatuers
1.    Rich Hanson
2.    Scott Hanson
3.    Ryan Reed

Open Beginner
1.    Chris Campos
2.    Darin Dwyer
3.    Arnie Fry
4.    Andy Pappas
5.    Beau Nilsson
6.    Dee Kilroy
7.    Joel Manthis

Senior Vet’s +50 Experts
1.    Jeff Johnson
2.    Jeff Lessley
3.    Larry Earhart
4.    Jim Ottele
5.    Jim Lundgren
6.    Joe Steffen DNS

Premier Senior
1.    Ronnie Moore
2.    Dave Molitor
3.    Gary Lane
4.    Mike Brooks
5.    Allan Girdler

Senior Vet’+50 Amateur
1.    Brad Rudy
2.    Bill Wright
3.    Steele Friedrich
4.    Larkin Wight
5.    Paul Claybaugh

Senor Vet’s +50 Novice
1.    Donnie Moore
2.    Arnie Fry
3.    Barney Stern
4.    Pat Man Dwyer
5.    Ken Shilling

Bomber Experts
1.    Jeff Johnson
2.    Danny Perkins
3.    Travis Petton
4.    Jim Lundgren
5.    Joe Steffen DNS

Bomber Amatuer
1.    Tim Watters
2.    Pete Lawson
3.    Paul Claybaugh

Bomber Novice
1.    Josh Mills
1.    Monty Watowa
2.    Brian Bell
3.    Ken Schilling
4.    Jim Bandeline

1.    Mark Atkins
2.    Travis Hayes
3.    Shaun Guardado
4.    Hunter Klee
5.    Gabriel Vidrio
6.    Aaron Guardado
7.    Brandon Gonzalez
8.    Alfonso “Fonz” Vasquez

Open Experts
1.    Jimmy Gillen
2.    Alex Crsoby
3.    Clayton Williams

Open Novice
A Main
1.    Evan Markus
2.    Gabriel Alvarez
3.    Josh Mills
4.    Billy Katkov
5.    Matt Ott
6.    Matt Spiwak
7.    Andrew Myers
8.    Jaycee Jones

Open Novice
B Main
1.    Travis Friedrich
2.    Stephen Yoshida
3.    Brian Bell
4.    Noah Bush
5.    David Wada
6.    Monica Gil

Open Amateur
1.    James Ott
2.    Charles Vanderlaan
3.    Travis Petton
4.    Larry Earhart
5.    Scott Hanson
6.    LJ Gronek
7.    Justin Tinkham

1.    Colt Foster
2.    Nick Armstrong
3.    John vanderlaan
4.    Nick Gil
5.    Jeremy Toye
6.    Ian Foulds
7.    Paul Ott
8.    Chris Mcdougal
9.    Cristian Olguin
10.    Carlin Dunne
11.    Brandon Watters DNF
12.    Steve Zaumaras DNF