SCFTA Perris Round 7

July 25th, 2015

Photos and Captions by Jamey Blunt

As round seven at Perris approached the three o'clock hour, time for the mandatory riders meeting, the pits didn't seem all that crowded. But by race time there were 186 entrants filling thirty six heat races and thirty main events. Even with no full moon things started off slowly as half the heat races had riders who decided to jump the start. This causing many red flags for a full re-start. At the intermission it was decided that those who jump the start will now be put back to the third row as a penalty in an effort to put an end to this time wasted. It seemed to work well as in the main events there were only a couple of riders that started from the third row. 
Once again John Kocinski extended his unbeaten streak at Perris. He had Andy Bondio with him as they preped for the two stroke challenge in Springfield in Sept.
Another new winner in the Pro ranks came from John Vanderlaan, he's a regular main event rider but this time stepped up and led from the first lap. Even though the race was red flagged for a fallen rider, Vanderlann was unlikely to have been caught before the checkered flag flew. Next S.C.F.T.A. round eight is in August but with the breeze that always seems to be present the heat isn't really that bad. Besides any race is a good race, espically if it's Dirt Track!

#12Y John Vanderlaan led the twenty lap Pro Main Event from the first lap. On lap sixteen the race was red flagged for Jayce Callison who had gone down. With the race over 2/3rd's complete it was called finished. Vanderlaan held a three second advantage at the time and would have not been caught.

#82 Young Travis Petton used his 250cc bike to win the Open Amateur Main Event, his fourth victory of the night! As he matures, watch out racing world!

#14 Tyson Talkington had to best twelve riders to take the hard fought victory in the Open Novice Main.

#12E James Ott is fast becoming a threat in any class he chooses. Ott though still young post very fast lap times as he did in winning the Open Expert Main Event.

#13 Kaulon Nielson won the Crash fest that was the Hooligan race. First to the line wins!

#87 Jeff Johnson rode his TT-500 Framer to the win in the Bomber Expert Main Event. He also used the same bike to take fourth in the twenty lap (ed Flagged) Pro Final. 

#35 Tim Watters had to put his head down and turn in a flawless ride to win the Vet +50 Amateur Main Event.

#6 Joe Steffen has been hot and cold this year, but when he's hot he almost never is beaten. On this night Steffen rode his Mr. Ed's TT-500 to win the Vet + 50 Expert Class.9-#21 Darin Dwyer topped a field of twelve to take the victory in the Open Beginner main event.

#21 Darin Dwyer topped a field of twelve to take the victory in the Open Beginner main event.

#3 John Kocinski as an expert is an understatement..... This is all the rest of the Vet +35 expert class saw of Kocinski as he kept his undefeated streak alive.

11-#33 Jaycee Jones is looking fast! She won the Powder Puff main event easily.

                                   #112 Jayce Callison won the Open Unclassified Main Event. But in the twenty lap Pro final he fell hard between turns one and two and was taken to the hospital. The latest word was Callison had broken his nose in three places no less.... We all wish him a speedy recovery as the young racer is a fixture at Perris!

#22 Matt Spiwak used his same small displaced mount to win both the Vet+35 Novice Main Event, and the Men's 4-stk Main.

#27 Rich Hanson is becoming a fixture at Perris, bringing a large contingent of his family to race as well. On this night he won the Vet. +35 Amateur class, and the 50/50 drawing... (Donating all his winnings to an injured rider). Class move from Hanson.

                                    #28D Ron Lessley has been away from Perris, but came back for round seven. He made his return count as he hammered the Classic Vintage field!! Plus we all like seeing BULTACO'S in the mix.

#11 Jim Medlin beat a tough field of seven in the Super Senior +60 class. Medlin seemed to get faster as the sun went down, so by main event time he was at his best.

#82 Travis Petton the 4th was the biggest winner at round seven. He won all three main events he was in, the 85cc 2-stk Amateur, the 85cc Open, and the Youth 250cc Open class!!! On a side note Little Travise's lap times are as fast as his Grandfathers!

#25 Travis (Corner Speed) Horn is quite simply fun to watch! What he can do on this little 50cc Honda is amazing. He took victories in both the 50cc 4-stk Amateur class and the 65cc-70cc Open Main Event!!!!!

#46 Colin Petton the youngest racer of the family took top honors in both the 50cc 2-stk Novice class and the 65cc 2-stk Beginner class. Colin seems to improve with every race.

#48 Jose Nitro Navarrete is new to the Perris scene. But he wasted no time in capturing the victory in the 50cc 2-stk beginner filed.

#713 Jasper Heathfield topped the large 50cc Beginner class.

SCFTA Perris - July 25th Round 7

50cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Jasper Heathfield
2.    Brianna Jones
3.    Kristian Daniel Sr
4.    Hannah Jones
5.    Makaela Broad
6.    Wesley Titterness
Gauge Modica DNS

50cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Jose Nitro Navarrete
2.    Grant Schafer
3.    Brandet Landers

50cc 2 Stk. Novice
1.    Colin Petton
2.    Rachel Schnakenberg

50cc 4 Stk. Amateur
1.    Travis Horn

65cc 2 Stk. Beginner
1.    Colin Petton

65cc 2stk Amateur
1.    Tanner Richey

65cc -70cc 4 Stk Beg
1.    Isabella Mitchell

65cc 4 Stk Novice
1.    Zack Earwood
65 cc- 70cc Open
1.    Travis Horn
2.    Cameron Titterness
3.    Isabella Mitchell

65cc- 70cc 2 Stk Nov
1.    Tanner Richey

50cc Open
1.    Grant Schafer
85cc 2 Stk. Ama
1.    Travis Petton
2.    Grant Holmes
3.    Frank Flores
4.    Alyssa Flores
5.    Rocco Landers

85 cc 4 Stk Nov
1.    Skylar Schnakenberg
2.    Brett Cooke

85cc-100cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Roslyn Kay
2.    Jake Mitchell
3.    Zack Earwood

85cc-100cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Tanner Richey
DNS Avery Modica

85cc 2 Stk Amateur
1.    Travis Petton
2.    Grant Holmes
3.    Frank Flores
4.    Alyssa Flores
5.    Rocco Landers

85cc Open
1.    Travis Petton
2.    Grant Holmes
3.    Frank Flores
4.    Alyssa Flores
5.    Rocco Landers
6.    Jake Mitchell
7.    Brett Cooke

250cc Youth Open
1.    Travis Petton
2.    James Ott
3.    Clayton Williams
4.    Justin Hanson
5.    Grant Holmes

Super Senior + 60
1.    Jim Medlin
2.    Jeff Lessley
3.    Ron Moore
4.    Ryan Gifford
5.    Dan Kane
6.    Kyle Lessley
7.    Paul Claybaugh

Classic Vintage
1.    Ron Lessley
2.    Tom Ferguson
3.    Jim Ottele
4.    Joe Pape

Vet + 35 Amateur
1.    Rich Hanson
2.    Scott Hanson
3.    Chris Campos
4.    Ryan Reed
      DNF Larry Hanson

Vet + 35 Novice
1.    Matt Spiwak
2.    Darin Dwyer
3.    Andrew Meyers
4.    Donnie Moore
5.    Chris Anders
6.    David Wada
7.    Dan Mock
8.    Alex Mock

Men’s 4 Stk.
1.    Matt Spiwak
2.    Brad Rudy
3.    John Girdler
4.    Cory Strand
5.    David Seminaro

Open Unclassifiefd
1.    Jace Callison
2.    Alex Crosby
3.    James Ott
4.    Evan Markus
5.    Tyson Talkington
6.    Michael Gilbert
7.    Josh Mills
8.    LJ Gronek
9.    Matt Ott
10.    Justin Simons

Powder Puff
1.    Jaycee Jones
2.    Alyssa Flores
3.    Monica Gil
4.    Jeanette Griggs
5.    Dee Kilroy
6.    Emilee Pappalardo
Vintage Air/Cooled
250cc  Novice
1.    Lucas Duner
360cc Amateur
1.    Gary Lane
2.    Harly Legoweski
360cc Expert
1.    Kyle Lessley

Vet’s + 35 Experts
1.    John Kocinski
2.    Jim Rosa
3.    Helder Alvernaz
4.    Joel Kath

Open Beginner
1.    Darin Dwyer
2.    Justin Simons
3.    Arnie Fry
4.    David Wada
5.    Gavon Arrias
6.    Nick Garcia
7.    Clint Bornholdt
8.    Alex Mock
9.    Dan Mock
10.    Dee Kilroy
11.    Jake Mitchell

Vet + 50 Expert
1.    Joe Steffen
2.    Jim Medlin
3.    Jeff Lessley
4.    Jim Ottele
5.    Larry Earhart

Premier Senior + 70
1.    Ron Moore
2.    Gary Lane
3.    Allan Girdler

Vet + 50 Amateur
1.    Tim Watters
2.    Brad Rudy
3.    Rolf Greenhill
4.    Steele Friedrich
5.    Paul Claybaugh
6.    Robert Stettler

Vet + 50 Novice
1.    Barney Stern
2.    Arnie Fry
3.    Ken Shilling
4.    Shane Van Sickle
5.    Donnie Moore

Bomber Novice
1.    Monty Watowa
2.    Josh Mills
3.    Ken Shilling

Bomber Expert
1.    Jeff Johnson
2.    Danny Perkins
3.    Travis Petton
4.    Joe Steffen
5.    Jeff Lessley
6.    Ryan Gifford

1.    Kaulon Nielson
2.    Gavan Arrias

Open Expert
1.    James Ott
2.    Clayton Williams
3.    Alex Crosby
4.    Joel Kath

Open Novice
1.    Tyson Talkington
2.    Matt Spiwak
3.    Justin Hanson
4.    Matthew Ott
5.    Chris Anders
6.    Andrew Myers
7.    Jaycee Jones
8.    Travis Friedrich
9.    Andy Pappas
10.    Monica Gil
11.    Jeanette Griggs
12.    Peter Esquirell

Open Amateur
1.    Travis Petton
2.    Evan Marjus
3.    Michael Gilbert
4.    Chris Campos
5.    Scott Hanson
6.    Robert Stettler
7.    LJ Gronek
8.    Ryan Reed

1.    John Vanderlaan
2.    Colt Foster
3.    Nick Gil
4.    Jeff Johnson
5.    Ian Foulds
6.    Jimmy Gillen
7.    Jace Callison
8.    Andre Ochs
9.    Christian Olguin
10.    Helder Alvernaz