April 23, 2016, Perris California, Perris Raceway,

 Southern California Flat Track Association's

Championship Series, Round 3

Photos and text by Rodney Rutherford

Neighboring near one-hundred and fifty entries, for this evening of Southern California Flat Track
Association's (SCFTA) round three. This race was a make up date after the scheduled date was rained
out, causing the race to collide with two events that were happening on this chilly Saturday
evening, but the show must go on and indeed it did. Restarts, a bike flying and landing on the
panels near the starting gate, the racing was in full heat and the unpredictability of what will
happen next, made for an evening of excitement, intrigue, and fun, let's race.

Eli (E-lye) Iverson, standing in for his Dad, Elliott Iverson, controlling the staging area and
assisting in keeping the races on an even keel, which he did famously. Elliott was busy with
announcing duties in the tower, sharing his wealth of information with racing aficionados.

The 2015 Women's (Powder Puff) Champion Jaycee Jones (33), being challenged by Monica Gil (00).
Jones has been a dominant force in the class, but Gil, after several seasons of sliding is now
picking up the pace, and I don't mean picante. Jones had a several bike lead over Gil in the
Women's main at the early going, making a hard charge towards the conclusion of the main, Gil
closed in but was unable to secure a pass. Jones raced in for third class win of the 2016 season,
Gil riding out in second and sending a message for the series title, she is going to be in the fray
and ready to challenge Jones for the 2016 title. Neither is going to give so stay tuned as another SCFTA
class points chase heats up. G & G Racing sponsors both competitors and a valued component of the
SCFTA world.

The Men's 4-Stroke witnessed the return of Brad Rudy, after an injury sidelined the 2015 +50
Amateur Champion for the first two rounds, he came back with an understandable apprehension with his
injury in the latter stages of mending, but the racer in him was not to be denied. Rudy signed off
his first holeshot of his season in the main, with the mucho pronto mono-armed railer, Billy Katkov
taking up in second and building up speed. At the middle point, Katkov is on the outside of Rudy,
with Rudy keeping the inside locked up. Rudy

commented post race that Katkov just never lets up on the gas on the turns. This was visible with
Katkov seemingly covering more ground per lap than Rudy by riding the outside cushion, but still
within three bike lengths or less of the leading Rudy. The white flag is out, Rudy
holding on to a tenuous lead going through turn one. They exit out of turn two, Katkov in a
hairball pass diving down under Rudy as the two racers enter the back stretch, Katkov takes the
lead. Katkov rams it home through turn three and four for the win, his first win of the season. Rudy
has nothing to be ashamed about finishing second, James Rust third, Jim Girdler fourth, and Marc
Heathfield fifth. 

Advantage to James Rust (6), over Jim Girdler (411) in the Men's 4-Stroke heat race. They went on
to complete the main with a third and fourth respectively.

Bomber Expert helmsman, Nick Armstrong (87), Jim Lundgren (70), and Joe Steffen (6), relaxing in
the staging area before their heat race.

Joe Steffen (6), threading the needle into the start and the lead of the Bomber Expert main.
Steffen remained there for a very short time, as another G & G racer by the way of American
Motorcyclist Association's Pro, Nick Armstrong, taking the hint and quickly collapsing any gap
while in second, passing his way to the numero uno before lap four. Armstrong powered the Fontana
Radiator's number 87 bike of Jeff Johnson for the win, over racers likely averaging twenty years
older than him. Steffen did not finish, John Dupree was more than happy to move into second to the
finish, and Jim Lundgren in third.

Armstrong, with a little help from Braap Shop Yamaha, Nagatani Farms and others, is currently breaking bread in his
 first year of the elite AMA GNC 1 (Grand National Championship) ranks. Still honing in his bikes and skills in the
class as he rides selected rounds in the AMA GNC series.

Travis's Hauling and Bobcat Service owner, Travis Petton, dragging his scooter in a bomber Expert heat.

Joe Pape (75), Jim Ottele (58Y), and Lenny Rodriguez (4R) in three abreast formation as the Classic
Vintage Brakeless 500-750cc lights up into the first turn of lap one. Ottele crested the point in
first as the eight lap main race matured, keeping the wheels to the dirt for the win. Rodriguez,
racing fast may soon be up to the challenge  of Ottele and his Indian, taking second. Pape and Flyn
Stone, raced in third and fourth. Stone was determined to get by his racing buddy, Pape, doing just that
near the end of the race for third, Pape finished fourth.

Flyn Stone, riding out on a 1958 BSA Catalina in mostly stock form, put on an impressive surge on
Joe Pape in the Classic Vintage Brakeless 500-750cc. Racing in fourth, he was front fender to
Pape's rear fender in the early laps, then secured the pass for third in the main. Stone, a seasoned vet racer,
 racing at historic tracks like Corona and Ascot in the mid 1970's holding his slide against some of the best
 at the time and hopefully will be spending more time with the SCFTA for 2016.

Travis Petton IV, seen here on Grant Holmes former 7x KTM 85. Petton IV had purchased the machine
from one of his staunchest competitors, and adapted quickly. Tossing all caution aside in his first
SCFTA battles on the bike, he rode to wins in 85cc Amateur and 85cc Open.

Restarts were common occurrence on this almost a full moon but not quite evening of sliding. Here we
have a single file restart in the inter-class Vet +35 Expert, Amateur, and Novice heat. Shawn
Chamlee (3B), Robert Stettler (57), Jim Bandelin (71), Ryan Reed (5Z), and Kevin Jordan (137)
prepare to get back underway.  On his first complete tour of the SCFTA series, Kevin Jordan, has
proven himself mighty going undefeated in the first two rounds of racing in the Vet +35 Amateur and
Senior Vet +50 Amateur. Racing Speedway at places like Speedway USA in Victorville, from 1988-90,
he definitely has a penchant for the slide as proven by his first two rounds of perfection. With 
support from his better half Beth, Dad Bill, Jim Woods, and Ron Moore he seems to have the right
recipe for the victory. 

Vet +35 Amateur racers Ryan Reed (5), Jordan (137), and Scott Hanson (44) rounding turn one during the inter-class heat.

The Vet +35 Amateur main gets the green, and it is Jordan in the lean of the holeshot, Hanson and Reed take in second and third respectively. The top three remained in the spots to the checkers, Jordan for the main win, Hanson second, and Ryan Reed third. Jordan went on for
his second win of the event, taking the top step in the Senior Vet +50 Amateur. This is Jordan's third consecutive double win round, remaining undefeated in both classes for 2016 as we enter round four.

Scott Hanson, styling, sliding, and gassing in fashion with his JT racing gear matching his ride.
The 2015 Open Amateur Champion and his Family have been an important part of the SCFTA lifestyle
for several seasons now. He is engaged in the Vet +35 Amateur and the Open Unclassified for the
2016 season. As stated above, he finished second in the Vet +35 Amateur, and raced to a fourth in
the Open Unclassified. Putting out the sincere regards to Father Hanson, Spy, Sun Country, Bel-Ray,
Comet Racing Leathers, and Factory Backing. 

Paul Tinoco, was a busy racer at this round three with a sixth in the Vet +35 Amateur, fourth in
the Senior Vet +50 Amateur, and sixth in Open Amateur. The reported quinquagenarian has the
fountain of youth going, for a vitalizing performance of the "stick to it" philosophy, just get it
her done, and that he did.

Barney Stern, and stern he was in the Senior Vet +50 Novice. The break of the red into the green
light, was all about Stern plunging into turn one ahead of the pursers. Setting the tone at the dial
of the knob, with a wire to wire first place in the Senior Vet +50 Novice main. Wayne Locke,
rode in second before the fourth lap but reportedly DNF'ed (DNF), Chris Osborn carries the second
place to the checkers. John Farmer in third on the final lap, able to halt the charging surge of
Jim Bandelin to the checkers, they finishing third and fourth respectively.

Rolf Greenhill (63W), pointing the pack into turn one in the Senior Vet +50 Amateur heat race.
Corey Bauman (53), Arnie Fry (45E), and Robert Stettler (57) on his case.

John Dupree (16) on the far left, Brad Rudy (19R), Jim Ottele (58Y), Ron Moore (37), Jim Lundgren
(70), and Larry Earhart (16E, far right) in the first start of the Senior Vet Expert. Dupree
starting to get sideways, came across Rudy's line causing several racers to fall like dominoes,
including Rudy. Rudy recovering from an injury was not angered, but had a "not again" look after
going down. He was ready to go for the restart and Dupree made several apologies after the main,
taking responsibility for the mishap. After the restart, Dupree went on to the win in the Senior Vet
+50 Expert, Ottele second, Earhart third, Jim Medlin fourth, and Moore fifth. 

After the mishap in the first start of the Senior Vet +50 Expert, Dupree came back on the restart with his jib full and on a fast heel for the main win.

Earhart (16E) and Ron Moore (37), staging a tense battle in a Senior Vet +50 Expert heat.

The Super Senior +60 Amateur transiting off the chalk with Gary Lane (68), Bill Wright (47), Paul
Claybaugh (83), and Mike Brooks (672) are ready to put on a show. Claybaugh had the look to win with
a fast performance in the heat race riding with the front line sliders. We have a restart and true
to pre-main form, it is Claybaugh putting the ice on the pack and running to the front post by lap
two, Lane, Brooks and Wright in second through fourth respectively. Oh the clean air, and it is all
Claybaughs, running firm and confident in front with no fancy moves just getting the job done. 

Claybaugh (83) ignoring the sliding donnybrook behind him on lap two, Lane (68) and Brooks (672)
both looking for advantage as they prepare to enter the back stretch out of turn two. Wright
vaporizes the gap going past Brooks and in position to challenge Lane for second. Around Lane he
goes by lap five, grasping second Wright still has no ownership of the spot, as Lane counter
attacks on lap six pushing the limit on turn two and executing an inside pass for second. Lane goes after
Claybaugh in the final two laps but the attempts are a no joy, Claybaugh skillfully keeps command
of the lead for the Super Senior Amateur win, Lane second, Wright third and Brooks fourth.

Gary Lane (68), Jim Medlin (11), Jim Lessley (12E), and Ron Moore light off the Senior +60 Expert
heat. Medlin takes the win in the main after taking the lead on lap four. Lessley,
making his first SCFTA appearance of the season, did it well leading the first three laps, and
stayed in a box spot with a second in the main.  

The Premier Senior, off the mark and into their eight lap main with Gary Lane (68), Jack Neeley
(58), Allan Girdler (86), and Mike Brooks (672). Lucas Oil's Gary Lane, had a hard week after
getting his bike stolen in Lake Elsinore a few days before round three. Able to secure another
scooter, he gamed up for the win in the Premier Senior, Brooks raced in behind him for
second, Girdler third, and Neeley fourth.

Open Novice racer, Travis Friedrich (26), seen here as the racer in plaid at round two. Riding for
Power Sport Services/Tudor/Race Tech, Friedrich was a contender for the 2015 class title, but
decided to rest up and prepare for a 2016 run at the crown. The son of the fierce racer, Steele
Friedrich, Steele's scrappy determination and Viking like tenacity to lay it on the line,has  handed down the  heart and spirit of an unrelenting competitor to son Travis. Travis Friedrich's moto roots go back to places like Ocotillo Wells, Pismo Beach, Glamis, and also influenced in the highly competitive world of motocross, the twenty something racer knows how to game on. 

Justin Hanson (27), hopped into the lead of the Open Novice Main, Friedrich second, and Justin
Simmons maintaining third. The top three looked to be the final order as the fourth lap was ready
to be counted, and with a comfort zone negating any potential attacks on any of the positions, but
we have a restart. Advantage Friedrich, Hanson feels the pain of the restart with Friedrich taking his second shot at a win to full potential snaring the lead, Hanson second, Simons in third but Nick Garcia is
turning up the pressure racing in fourth. Friedrich rails it home for the win, Hanson second, and
Simons blocking Garcia for third, Garcia at fourth, and Chris Osborn fifth.

Open Novice racer Justin Simons, dialing up the speed out of turn four and into the front stretch of the heat race.

With a puff of chalk, an Open Unclassified heat takes the green light. Byron Kukla (92), LJ Gronek
(12), Justin Hanson (27), Clayton Williams (95), and Josh Mills (88) roll on the gas. Williams won
the main, Gronek closing out the top five in the main producing a fifth.

Open Expert heat race props up into turn one, Byron Kukla (92), Jacob Cascio (21), Joel Kath (19V),
Grant Holmes (7X), and Clayton Williams (95). Southland Racing/Let's Ride Motorsports, Competitive
Sheet Metals racer Williams standing pat in second behind Kukla into the first three counts of the
eight lap main. Grant Holmes, no longer on the 85's racing in third. Williams accelerates into the
inside on turn three pounding the pedal out of turn four and the lead, never losing grip to the
end for his second win of the night. Second place to Kukla, and Holmes third.

Not so shy about being the fast guy, Williams, wrapping up his evening with the Open Expert win.
After putting the shipping label on the Open Unclassfied win, and that is a double victory evening
for the polite one.

Southland Racing/Enerlon's John Vanderlaan, on the line for his second appearance of the 2016 SCFTA
season. He railed past G & G Racing's Nick Armstrong on lap three, and went on to his second
win Pro main win of the year.

Nick Gil (17E), put on a solid ride in the Pro main, going under Armstrong in turn one on lap four for second. Gil kept within three seconds or less of Vanderlaan through the remainder of the twenty lap main, for the number two spot at the checkers.

Please go to SCFTAracing.com for schedule, results and point standings.


50cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Kristian Daniel Jr..

65-70cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Rachel Schnakenberg; 2. Sierra Hickerson.

65-70cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Colin Petton.

65-70cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Jasper Heathfield; 2. Kristian Daniel Jr.; 3. Sierra Hickerson; 4. Isabella Mitchell.

65-70cc OPN: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Jasper Heathfield; 3. Colin Petton; 4. Sierra Hickerson; 5. Isabella Mitchell.

85-100cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Conner Hickerson; 2. Jake Mitchell.

85-100cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Conner Hickerson.

85-100cc 4-STRK NOV: 1.Jacob Cascio; 2. Dominic DeMario; 3. Travis Horn; 4. Zack Earwood; 5. Roslyn Kay.

85-100cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Travis Petton IV; 2. Tanner Richey; 3. Dominic DeMario.

85cc OPN: 1. Travis Petton IV: 2. Dominic DeMario; 3. Tanner Richey; 4. Jake Mitchell; 5. Conner Hickerson.

4-STRK: 1. Billy Katkov; 2. Brad Rudy; 3. James Rust; 4. Jim Girdler; 5. Marc Heathfield.

250cc YOUTH OPN: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. Jacob Cascio.

WMN PWDRPF: 1. Jaycee Jones; 2. Monica Gil; 3. Jeanette Griggs.

OPN BEG: 1. Shawn Chamlee; 2. Barney Stern; 3. Zack Earwood.

OPN NOV: 1. Travis Friedrich; 2. Justin Hanson; 3. Justin Simons; 4. Nick Garcia; 5. Chris Osborn;
6. Monica Gil; 7. Jeanette Griggs; 8. Michael Wilson.

OPN UNCLAS: 1. Clayton Williams; 2. Ryan Reed; 3. Evan Markus; 4. Scott Hanson; 5. LJ Gronek;
6. Byron Kukla; 7. Justin Hanson; 8. Tyson Talkington; 9. Jaycee Jones.

OPN AMAT: 1. Evan Markus; 2. LJ Gronek; 3. Tyson Talkington; 4. Chris Jones; 5. Mike Sprenger; 6. Paul Tinoco.

OPN EXP: 1. Clayton Williams; 2. Byron Kukla; 3. Grant Holmes; 4. Jacob Cascio; 5. Joel Kath; 6. Travis Petton IV.

PRO: 1. John Vanderlaan; 2. Nick Gil; 3. Nick Armstrong; 4. Colt Foster; 5. Alex Crosby; 6. Andre` Ochs.

VET +35 NOV: 1. Jim Bandelin; 2. Shawn Chamlee.

VET +35 AMAT: 1. Kevin Jordan; 2. Scott Hanson; 3. Ryan Reed; 4. Robert Stettler; 5. Mike Sprenger; 6. Paul Tinoco.

VET +35 EXP: 1. Joel Kath.

SR VET +50 NOV: 1. Barney Stern; 2. Chris Osborn; 3. John Farmer; 4. Jim Bandelin; 5. Jed Drummond.

SR VET +50 AMAT: 1. Kevin Jordan; 2. Arnie Fry; 3. Ken Shilling; 4. Paul Tinoco; 5. Rolf
Greenhill; 6. Corey Bauman; 7. Robert Stettler; 8. Mike Spencer.

SR VET +50 EXP: 1. John Dupree; 2. Jim Ottele; 3. Larry Earhart; 4. Jim Medlin; 5. Ron Moore; 6. Brad Rudy; 7. Daniel Stinson.

SUP SR +60 AMAT/NOV: 1. Paul Claybaugh; 2. Bill Wright; 3. Gary Lane; 4. Mike Brooks.

SUP SR +60 EXP: 1. Jim Medlin; 2. Jeff Lessley; 3. Steve Kukla; 4. Ron Moore; 5, Dan Kane.

PREM SR +70: 1. Gary Lane; 2. Mike Brook; 3. Allan Girdler; 4. Jack Neeley.

BMBR NOV: 1.Wayne Locke; 2. John Farmer; 3. Shawn Chamlee.

BMBR AMAT: 1. James Mann; 2. Paul Claybaugh; 3. Ken Shilling.

BMBR EXP: 1. Nick Armstrong; 2. John Dupree; 3. Jim Lundgren; 4.Jeff Lessley; 5. Josh Mills; 6. Joe Steffen; 7. Travis Petton II.

CLSC VINT 500-750cc BRKLESS: 1. Jim Ottele; 2. Lenny Rodriguez; 3. Flyn Stone; 4. Joe Pape.