October 15, 2016, Perris California, Perris Raceway,

 Southern California Flat Track Association's

Championship Series, Round 10

Photos and text by Rodney Rutherford

Can you hear the squeaking of the pulleys, as the curtains begin to close on the 2016 Southern California Flat Track Association's (SCFTA) twelve round Championship series. We have now finished up round ten and launching into the last two races of the 2016 season, with round eleven on November 5TH, followed by the crowning and final round twelve the next day. We have Southland Racing's John Vanderlaan riding a seven race winning streak in the Pro class, with eight race wins total after sitting out round two. His undefeated 2016 season is on the line with Kawasaki of Simi Valley's Kayl Kolkman, running hot after a second place at IV League Flat Tracks Pro main the previous weekend.

Riders express their Sympathies, Condolences, and Respects in a reverse Memorial lap for fallen racers John Farmer, Charlotte Kainz and Kyle McGrane.

IMAGE drake conner 5

The 50cc 2-Stroke Beginner was Chase Chalecki's race at the onset of the four rider class. Drake Conner, on the second seat was just getting warmed up and looking for his fourth class win in four attempts. Conner was just too powerful, and swooped by Chalecki on the outside for the lead. Drake kept the pace high and flew away for the main win, his fourth of the 2016 season. After dropping back to second, Chalecki stayed the course for second, Kensei Matsudaira third, and Chanel Merwin fourth.

IMAGE Kristian Daniel Jr. 46

Kristian Daniel Jr. and Owen Williams rode their 50cc 4-Stroke Beginner bikes to the red line, but the leader Daniel has just been too hot to handle in the class. Scraping hard on the final lap, Williams looked to the outside to make the pass for the win but went too wide and Daniel brought home the victory for his seventh win in seven tries. Williams rails in at second, Bailey Richey third, Conner fourth and Matsudaira fifth.

IMAGE Jasper 713

Jasper Heathfield, roared away from the pack for the 65cc 4-Stroke Beginner win.

IMAGE travis horn 25

The multi talented, Travis "Corner Speed" Horn, blitzed the field for wins in the 65cc 2-Stroke Amateur and 65cc Open. Currently leading the 65cc Open series by fifteen points over Colin Petton, Horn has won all nine rounds he has raced in the class and should clinch the title on the final weekend.

IMAGE 3 21 99

Zack Earwood (99), Jacob Cascio (21), and Conner Hickerson (3) in the 85cc 4-Stroke Novice heat race.

Conner Hickerson, was elevated to the 85cc 4-Stroke Novice after racing the first three rounds in the Beginner ranks and has adapted just fine. Hickerson got off the chalk in quest of his first Novice win, and he made the right slide in that direction peaking on lap one with the lead, Zack Earwood second, Jacob Cascio, and Horn fourth. Hickerson in front with Earwood and Cascio grouped together behind him and it is on. Hickerson in tunnel vision, keeping the passing alleys closed and having enough speed out of the corners to prevent Earwood or Cascio from making a run at him in the straightaways. Hickerson remained icy under pressure as the two fire breathers gassed their machines right behind him but unable to get the pass. Hickerson rides one of his best races this reporter has witnessed and gets the win, Cascio secures a pass for second and Earhart takes third as the speedy cluster of three navigate through the checkers, Horn rolls in at fourth.    

IMAGE Bomber 65 83 b26b 3s 3b

The inter-class Bomber Amateur/Novice gets underway with Larry Hanson (65), Paul Claybaugh (83), Ken Shilling (26B), Dwayne Locke (3S), and Shawn Chamlee (3B), there were two restarts required that had two Novice racers topping the overall standing at the finish. On the first restart Bomber Novice Locke went down hard taking Shilling with him, both racers appeared to be shaken up but motoed up and got back on the chalk for restart two. Locke came on like a banshee racing to the overall win despite his earlier slam to the turf. Locke takes the Bomber Novice win, Chamlee second and Hanson third. The faster Amateurs seemed to be in survival mode placing further back behind Locke with Shilling taking first in class and Claybaugh riding in at second.


Senior vet 50 expert

IMAGE Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan, has had a very good year in his first complete SCFTA series, and it continued on this evening with the holeshot and nothing but space as he hammered the pack for his third consecutive win win in the Senior Vet Over 50 Expert. Jordan should be a sure bet to win the main, needing just five points to wrap it up on the final weekend. 

IMAGE lane 68

Super Senior Over 60 Amateur/Novice heat race featuring Paul Claybaugh (83), Greg Powell (420), and Gary Lane (68).

Dirt Diggers Motorcycle Club member, former assistant to living legend Preston Petty, owner of Enerlon and proud sponsor of John Vanderlaan, Greg Powell's moto history runs deep into the fabric of Southern California racing, he also has a bit of quickness mixed in there. Racing against the young at heart Paul Claybaugh, in the Super Senior Over 60 Amateur/Novice class. Powell had his work cut out for him after first place Claybaugh raced into the clean air for the first four laps. Racing in second, he kept close to Claybaugh and was able to break through for the lead with less than two laps remaining, then keeping it close at hand for his second win of the season, Claybaugh runs through the checkers in second, and Gary Lane third.

Open Novice

IMAGE Osborn 12

Chris Osborn (12) holds the clean air over second place Nick Garcia (41) in the Open Novice "A" main, producing a battle field of nine sliding soldiers. Osborn locked the lead for the majority of the main, as Garcia held on tight with the hope a passing lane would open up. Justin Simons in third and Noah Bush in fourth. Bush, vastly improving in the last two season worked his way into third, going under Simons in turn two on lap two for the position, and Simons now in fourth.  

IMAGE jackson 424

Josh Jackson (424) and Simons (51) grapple out of turn four in an Open Novice heat race. They finished ninth and fourth respectively in the "A" main. Garcia stayed on to Osborn throughout the six lap main, waiting for a lane to open up, and his patience paid off as Osborn raced out of turn four on the final lap. Appearing to come out of the turn too fast Osborn swung wide and Garcia saw blood, squaring the turn hard he went under Osborn nipping him at the checkers by what seemed less than a half a bike length for the win, Osborn second. Bush takes third, Simons fourth and Matt Ott fifth.

IMAGE kukla 92

Byron Kukla (92) exiting out of turn four as Travis Petton IV (82) works the inside rail in the Open Expert heat race, Grant Holmes (7X), a few bike lengths back of Petton IV. Kukla has poured out his racing soul trying to beat the SCFTA wunderkind kids in Petton IV and Grant Holmes, even taking a hard fall in an earlier round. Racing in his first complete SCFTA season, his best finish was a second at round eight, but he gave himself his best chance of a 2016 main win on this night. Ripping to the holeshot Kukla into the lead, Holmes second and the corner rail scrapper in Petton IV third. Petton IV pushes inside of Holmes for second and just a matter of time before he tries the same on Kukla. As we near the end Kukla is doing all he can to lock out Petton IV, not having to go to work on Monday may be the difference, as Petton IV banzais into turn one and forces his way inside of Kukla for the lead, Holmes goes by as well as the checkers near. Heart break for the determined Kula but he gave it his best as Petton IV brings it home for his second Open Expert win of the year, Holmes second and Kukla third. 

IMAGE Vanderlaan 12 kolkman 98

John Vanderlaan (12Y) and Kayl Kolkman (98) racing at full bore in the eleven racer Pro main.Vanderlaan has been on a roll winning all eight rounds he has raced in the 2016 SCFTA season. His nemesis Kolkman, was not exactly coming in without credentials after placing second in IV League's Flat Track half mile event the previous weekend at Perris Auto Speedway. A seasoned Pro, Kolkman was ready to pull the six guns out, brimming with confidence could Kolkman have revenge on his mind after losing to Vanderlaan at round seven?

IMAGE Gil 17 e

Nick Gil (17E) with the young mighty might in James Ott nipping at his hotshoe, they raced to a fifth and fourth respectively. Regardless we have ourselves a shoot out and at the trip of the green the twenty lap Pro main is underway. Braapshop Yamaha's Nick Armstrong was near the front at the start but lost his heels early forcing a restart. Dylan Morin in the point, Kolkman second and Vanderlaan third on the restart. That order is reduced to rubble by lap three. Vanderlaan now in the lead, Kolkman in his roost at second, Morin, Nick Gil fourth, Clayton Williams fifth and James Ott sixth. 

IMAGE Kolkman win 98

Mine, mine, mine, Kolkman at the task of finishing out his win after seizing the lead in the Pro main.Inside, outside, Kolkman stalking Southland Racing's Vanderlaan and there is no escape for the Salinas racer. Staying within three bike lengths or less of the leader, Kolkman makes his move just past the ten lap point and the lead is his, Vanderlaan in second as the gritty Morin moves in on Vanderlaan. Kolkman is at home on the Perris loop after racing there for many years and focuses on extending his lead. Vanderlaan in second, Morin third and we now have James Ott in fourth, Gil in fifth. Kolkman powers it home for the win and breaks Vanderlaans seven win race streak in the process, but Vanderlaan rides in at second and still has a sure grip on his second SCFTA Pro title as the last two rounds approach. Morin captures third with a strong ride, James Ott takes an impressive fourth, and Gil the quiet tiger once again races to a top five finish for fifth.

IMAGE kayl v lap 98

Kolkman takes his first SCFTA victory lap of the season, turning it in to a ride of euphoria, hammering the first victory lap at full speed, and then taking time to spin a donut or two on the following lap for well earned first place fiesta. He would like to thank 6D Helmets, Jettuning.com, Dreamscape Engraving, and B & L Plumbing.

Please go to SCFTAracing.com for schedule information for the 2017 season, also the 2016
results and point standings.

50cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Drake Conner; 2. Chase Chalecki; 3. Kensei Matsudaira; 4. Chanel Merwin.
50cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Kristian Daniel Jr.; 2. Owen Williams; 3. Bailey Richey; 4. Drake Conner;
5. Kensei Matsudaira.
65-70cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Sierra Hickerson.
65-70cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Colin Petton.
65-70cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Jasper Heathfield; 2. Kristian Daniel Jr.; 3. Sierra Hickerson; 4. Owen
Williams; 5. Isabella Mitchell.
65-70cc OPN: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Jasper Heathfield; 3. Colin Petton; 4. Sierra Hickerson; 5.
Isabella Mitchell.
85-100cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Jadon Schroeder.
85-100cc 2-STRK NOV: 1. Conner Hickerson.
85-100cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Sierra Hickerson; 2. Madison Simons; 3. Jake Schroeder.
85-100cc 4-STRK NOV: 1. Conner Hickerson; 2. Jacob Cascio; 3. Zack Earwood; 4. Travis Horn.
85cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Travis Petton IV; 2. Tanner Richey.
85cc OPN: 1. Travis Petton IV: 2. Tanner Richey; 3. Conner Hickerson.
4-STRK: 1. Brad Rudy; 2. Zack Earwood; 3. Jake Mitchell; 4. Andre` Ochs; 5. James Rust; 6. John
Girdler; 7. Jason Aguilar; 8. Marc Heathfield; 9. Jim Joseph; 10. Joe Pape.
250cc YOUTH OPN: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. Jacob Cascio; 4. Jake Mitchell; 5.
Alyssa Flores; 6. Frank Flores.
WMN PWDRPF: 1. Alyssa Flores; 2. Jaycee Jones; 3. Monica Gil.
OPN BEG: 1. Zack Earwood; 2. Frank Flores; 3. Barney Stern; 4. Jake Mitchell.
OPN NOV A: 1. Nick Garcia; 2. Chris Osborn; 3. Noah Bush; 4. Justin Simons; 5. Matt Ott; 6.
Shawn Chamlee; 7. Arnie Fry; 8. Andrew Myers; 9. Josh Jackson.
OPN NOV B: 1. Travis Friedrich; 2. Chris Wiggins; 3. Alyssa Flores; 4. Monica Gil; 5. Jeanette
OPN UNCLAS: 1. Kayl Kolkman; 2. Clayton Williams; 3. Nick Gil; 4. Andre` Ochs; 5, Christian
Payne; 6. Ryan Reed; 7. Noah Bush; 8. Nick Garcia; 9. Byron Kukla; 10. Chris Wiggens; 11.
Matthew Ott. 
OPN AMAT: 1. Evan Markus; 2. Christian Payne; 3. LJ Gronek; 4. Jaycee Jones.
OPN EXP: 1. Travis Petton IV; 2. Grant Holmes; 3. Byron Kukla; 4. Jacob Cascio.
PRO: 1. Kayl Kolkman; 2. John Vanderlaan; 3. Dylan Morin; 4. James Ott; 5. Nick Gil; 6. Andre`
Ochs; 7. Clayton Williams; 8. Nick Armstrong; 9. Paul Ott; 10. Colt Foster.
VET +35 NOV: 1. Shawn Chamlee; 2. Josh Jackson; 3, Andrew Myers.
VET +35 AMAT: 1. Ryan Reed.
VET +35 EXP: 1. Jim Rosa; 2. Kevin Jordan; 3. Paul Ott.
SR VET +50 NOV: 1. Chris Osborn; 2. Mike Boal; 3. Jim Bandelin; 3. Dwayne Locke; 4. Barney
SR VET +50 AMAT: 1. Arnie Fry; 2.Ken Shilling.
SR VET +50 EXP: 1. Kevin Jordan; 2. Jim Lundgren; 3. Larry Earhart; 4. Brad Rudy; 5. Jim
SUP SR +60 AMAT/NOV: 1. Greg Powell; 2. Paul Claybaugh; 3. Gary Lane; 4. Bill Wright; 5. Wayne
SUP SR +60 EXP: 1. Ron Moore; 2. Steve Kukla; 3. Dan Kane; 4. Dennis Pinheiro.
PREM SR +70: 1. Ron Moore; 2. Gary Lane; 3. Allan Girdler.
BMBR NOV: 1.Dwayne Locke; 2. Shawn Chamlee; 3. Larry Hanson.
BMBR  AMAT: 1. Ken Shilling; 2. Paul Claybaugh.
BMBR EXP: 1. Jeff Johnson; 3. Travis Petton; 3. Jim Lundgren.
VINT 360: 1. David Seminario.
CLSC VINT: 1. Jim Ottele; 2. Mike Boal; 3. Joe Pape