Lodi 100cc TT National

                                                                                    Story by J&W Racing - Photos by Stewart Barber and Diana Peebles

Saturday June 18, 2022 saw the 29th running of the Lodi Motorcycle Club's 100cc TT National event. This year's race was sponsored by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys and was also the Toby Jorgensen Memorial race in memory of that fine young rider whom we lost in 1999.
     The 100 TT National event is unique for 3 reasons. First, it is limited to 150cc maximum air-cooled 4-stroke motorcycles and second, because it is run on the Lodi Cycle Bowl blue groove TT track, famous for it's speed and challenging layout. What really makes the 100 National so challenging, however, is that it is a 25-lap race, placing a high premium on not only a fast rider/bike combo but also upon that combination staying fast and staying together for 25 long and tough laps. More than one bike has prematurely ended this race with smoke billowing and oil dripping and even more riders have pulled off with tongues dragging and sore arms unable to hold on any longer.
     The very first 100 National was run in 1992 and was won by none other than TT Prince Chris Carr. The race has run every year since then except for the 2020 Covid blackout season. In the years since, some pretty fast riders have taken home the #1 plate including Billy Arbogast, Mark Key, Dominic Colindres, Cole Crowley, Mikey Martin, Stevie Bonsey, Michael Inderbitzen, Tarren Santero and of course, Toby Jorgensen.
     To that list Mr. Dominic Monaco has now indelibly added his name. Riding a unique bike that has a history that includes Kenny Roberts and Engines Only, Dominic utterly owned the event this year, getting off the line in 1st place and leading every lap from 1 through 25. Multi-time winner Cole Crowley did worry Monaco for the first 5 laps but Monaco steadily pulled ahead and remained on rails and on fire. The race ended Monaco, Crowley, David Jorgensen, Blake Ash and Dominic Dias in 1st through 5th, with the remaining 13 riders all having had a great time and all at least 1 lap down on the winner. In the Junior National, Dean Rabideau lead all 15 laps but Ethan Salmon kept Dean honest and made him work hard for his victory. In short, a good time was indeed had by all.
     Open A TT races are always entertaining and this one was no exception. Christian Spurgeon got the holeshot and lead the first couple of laps but Andrew Luker was on a mission and in the left hander leading to the jump, Spurgeon drifted a little wide and that's all Luker needed. Luker lead the rest of the race with Spurgeon in 2nd until the last lap when Spurgeon again ran just a little wide in that same corner and  BP1 Tony Meiring made a clean pass that stuck to the end. Big bikes on technical TT tracks are always entertaining!
     The 50cc race was also a Luker show. This race was run with the "fast 50s" starting on the front row and the PW50s and XR50s starting on row 2. Young Wyatt Luker quickly realized the gearing on Bryce Botelho's KTM was low enough that his Yamaha PW50 could just about run with the KTM, so Wyatt passed, was repassed, passed again and ended the race a nose ahead of the KTM. Wyatt told his dad Andrew after the race that "Dad, I want one of THOSE!"
     The LMC is taking a break until 7/23 when we'll be running a ST event, but the Cycle Bowl will be hosting an AHRMA National event on 7/9 and 7/10. For details, go to www.lodicyclebowl.com