Old Stuff


Brand new. 84 full colour, A5 pages of fat Goodyears, skinny Harleys,
vintage Yamahas, homebuilt KTMs, blue grooves, steel shoes, fractured
collarbones, broken dreams, big ideas, small budgets, clear thinking and
dirty visors.

Road legal street trackers from three continents.
The heroes of flat track: Springsteen, Romero, Hayden.
The nobodies and never-will-bes of small town short track club racing.
And some old English speedway geezers.

The world’s best go fast, turn left magazine

Made by Gary Inman and Ben Part.

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Been on another Road Trip. Saw a few more museums and went to another party!

Surprise of the trip, Topeka HD collection and the BBQ served in their cafe!    Dennis vft


This is funny stuff and history also!


Knievel Comedy
The Evel Knievel Humorography by Steve Mandich

Steve McQueen's Dream Movie

New York Times story

A Face In The Crowd: Win It Or Bin It

by dennis kanegae


Roberts Returns To His Roots