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I did a little digging on Mitas tires and here is info from their web sites.

Trelleborg AB, a global engineering group focused on polymer technology, with headquarters in Trelleborg, Sweden, has finalized the acquisition of CGS Holdings, a privately-owned company that manufactures Mitas brand tires. They also have leading positions in agricultural, industrial and specialty tires as well as engineered polymer solutions.

In October 2012, ČGS HOLDINGS, the parent company of Mitas, acquired ownership of Savatech. Mitas and Savatech will continue their decades-long and outstandingly rich tradition in tyre manufacturing whose beginnings date way back to 1932 and 1920, respectively. In order to offer the widest possible range of two-wheel tires under one brand, Savatech motorcycle tires unit and Mitas motorcycle tires unit have been integrated into one business unit motorcycle tires. These changes took effect from 2014 and produced tires will be gradually rebranded to Mitas within next few years. All Mitas motorcycle tires are made in Europe in two production facilities in Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Mitas in North America, Farm tires made in Iowa.

In April 2012, Mitas opened its newest radial farm tire factory in Charles City, Iowa. Mitas announced it would accelerate its $52 million investment to achieve the full production capacity of 13,500 metric tons of tires a year by 2013, which is three years earlier than originally anticipated. Mitas signed investment agreements on August 31, 2010, at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA. In fall 2010, Mitas bought the Winnebago facility in Charles City. In January 2012, Mitas cured the first test tire in Iowa, and in April 2012, Mitas started serial production.



Received this note from the Mitas Motorcycle Market Manager

  Hi Dennis,                                                                                                                                         

Mitas has two model flat track tires. The first is the H-18 and comes in 27.0/7.0x19 and 27.5/7.5x19 with one compound (medium soft) and two compounds ( medium soft/medium hard). The second model will be the FT-18 and will be available sometime in 2017. The FT-18 will be available in above sizes and compounds as well as a 17" tire for mini's.

Mitas Tires are the #1 speedway tire in the world and are focusing the same determination on flat track racing.   Brad Baker( Mitas sponsored rider) along with Davey Durelle, Scott Baker, Jeffery Carver and Jamie Nicely have been testing and winning on Mitas flat track tires for the last two years. Research and development of the best product that can be brought to customers at a fair price is the goal for Mitas flat track tires.

Mitas has been building tires in Europe since the 1930's . Mitas does everything "in house" from R&D to building the end product for the consumer.

                                                                 Kind regards,  Jamie Nicely

Motorcycle  Market Manager     Mitas Tires North America Inc.

Here is a Mitas catalog  in PDF form

From wikipedia website. Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co.is the ninth largest tire company in the world.[1] Established in 1967, in Yuanlin, Taiwan, by Luo Jye. Maxxis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cheng Shin. At first, Cheng Shin Rubber only produced bicycle tires. As the company grew and extended its reach beyond Asia, it expanded into new market segments, producing tire products for a variety of vehicles. In 2009 Cheng Shin had worldwide revenue of over $2 billion.[3] Operating under the name Maxxis in some countries, Cheng Shin has operations in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Japan and Dubai. The company employs 28,000 people, and its products are distributed in approximately 170 countries.

From Maxxis website. Like most great companies, Maxxis started small. Founded in 1967, Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd, d/b/a Maxxis International began as a manufacturer of bicycle tires in Taiwan. Growing steadily, Maxxis eventually became the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world — as it is today. In the ensuing decades, Maxxis has expanded into new market segments, offering products for motorcycles, ATVs, lawn & garden products, race karts, industrial vehicles, trailers, autos, light trucks, trucks and buses. Today, Maxxis is truly a global company, with operations in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Japan and Dubai. Maxxis has opened many new factories and distribution facilities and serves consumers in approximately 150 countries. But no matter how large we become, the people at Maxxis will always remember that creating and retaining lifelong customers is our primary purpose.



  RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (PRWEB) November 11, 2021

  “We recently extended our highly successful MX amateur Team Dunlop Elite support program to Flat Track enthusiasts as we want to see the Flat Track roots grow from the bottom up." — Rob Fox, Dunlop Amateur Motocross/Flat Track Support Manage
Since 2020, all American Flat Track classes have been running the new DT4 tire from Dunlop Motorcycle Tires. Designed for pro and amateur riders alike, the DT4 has multiple compound options, a new tread pattern, more grip and can be run tubeless for greater overall versatility and performance.
Now the official tire of American Flat Track features a new smaller 120/70-17 size for mini riders in a soft compound. This additional size will enhance the line of the highly successful DT4 130/80-19 front and 140/80-19 rear sizes
This new 120/70-17 size is the ideal size for 85-150cc bikes running 17” wheels and is a universal fitment for both front and rear of the bike. This versatility allows parents to save on expenses and flip tires if necessary. Being a smaller version and slight variation of the race proven, larger sized DT4, we know mini riders will find just as much success on them as the top pros!
“We have been working on this new tire for a while now as we have received a lot of requests for mini sizes,” said Dunlop’s Amateur Motocross/Flat Track Support Manager Rob Fox. “We recently extended our highly successful MX amateur Team Dunlop Elite support program to Flat Track enthusiasts as we want to see the Flat Track roots grow from the bottom up. We used top Team Dunlop Elite and supported riders to conduct testing on this tire, and we’re excited to now have them available to the public.”

For sponsorship opportunities, visit http://www.TeamDunlop.com/flat-track

From wikipedia Dunlop website. Dunlop is a brand of tyres owned by various companies around the world. It is owned and operated by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In India the brand is owned by Dunlop India Ltd. whose parent company is the Ruia Group. In Asia (Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Russia), Africa and Latin America (except Mexico) by Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

In 1985, Dunlop Rubber Company was acquired by BTR plc, and Sumitomo acquired the rights to manufacture and market Dunlop branded road tyres. Sumitomo did not acquire any Dunlop company. In 1997 Sumitomo gained agreement to use the Dunlop name in its corporate name, and changed the name of its UK subsidiary to Dunlop Tyres Ltd.

In 1999 Sumitomo and Goodyear began a joint venture by which Sumitomo continued to manufacture all Japanese-made tyres under the Dunlop name, while Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company bought 75% of the European and North American tyre businesses of Sumitomo.

Dunlop maintained a motorsport manufacturing operation located in a corner of the original Dunlop factory (nicknamed "Fort Dunlop") in Erdington, Birmingham, established in 1891 until May 2014. This factory produced specialised vintage, motorcycle and touring car tyres, and produced about 300,000 specialised racing tyres per year. On 30 May 2014, the Birmingham factory ceased tyre production, ending Dunlop tyre production in the UK.[5]

From wikipedia Goodyear website. The first Goodyear factory opened in Akron, Ohio, in 1898. The thirteen original employees manufactured bicycle and carriage tires, rubber horseshoe pads, and poker chips. The company grew with the advent of the automobile.

In 1901 Frank Seiberling provided Henry Ford with racing tires. In 1903, Paul Weeks Litchfield was granted a patent for the first tubeless automobile tire. By 1908 Ford was outfitting his Model T with Goodyear tires. In 1909 Goodyear manufactured its first aircraft tire.[5]

In 1911 Goodyear started experimenting with airship design. It later manufactured airships and observation balloons for the United States Army Air Service during World War I. The transport and reconnaissance capabilities that Goodyear provided contributed significantly to the Allied victory.

In 1916, Litchfield found land in the Phoenix area suitable for growing long-staple cotton, needed for reinforcing rubber in tires. The 36,000 acres purchased were controlled by the Southwest Cotton Company, formed with Litchfield as president. (This included land that would develop into the towns of Goodyear and Litchfield Park.)

In 1924, Litchfield, as Goodyear Vice President, forged a joint venture with the German Luftschiffbau Zeppelin Company to form the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation.

By 1926 Goodyear was the largest rubber company in the world. Only four years earlier it was forced to temporarily halt production of racing tires due to heavy competition. Nevertheless, the popularity of the Goodyear tire on the racing circuit led to a popular demand for the return of the brand.

1999: Announced $1 billion global alliance with Japan's Sumitomo Rubber Industries, which had rights to the Dunlop tire brand in much of the world, to establish six joint ventures in North America, Europe and Japan


From Golden Tire website. The GoldenTyre brand began life in the early eighties from the experience and professional  expertise of a group of specialised technicians in the tyre sector. In 2004 it became the property of Buymec S.r.l., Bientina (Pisa), a young, dynamic company specialized in the production and distribution of motorcycle products, who, in a very short time, increased brand visibility by delivering new products into the market that shaped the history of the company.

GoldenTyre entered the racing world and gained global recognition to become a key supplier of high level, technologically advanced racing products. Every effort in this direction has been justly rewarded by the results obtained over the years.

GoldenTyre produces and distributes tyres both for motorcycles and lightweight vehicles, and has a catalogue of products covering various different sectors (Motocross, Enduro, Rally, On-Off Enduro, Minicross, Supermotard, Speedway, Trial, Flat Track, Scooter, Trasporto, Vintage Car Tyre, Mousse and Inner Tubes ).

Its distribution network has a global reach spanning over 40 countries. GoldenTyre has always been involved in research and development, and continues to dedicate its energy and  resources to improving products in terms of performance and reliability, never failing to keep a keen eye on pricing policy.

GOLDENTYRE is a trademark of Buymec S.r.l.  Via San Piero 78,  56031 Bientina, Italy

GOLDENTYRE USA Corp. 444 Brickell Avenue, Suite 51132  Miami, Florida 33131