Trailblazers 74th Annual Banquet

Held at the Carson Events Center, Carson, California

April 7th, 2017

Tom Cates Memorial Bike Show

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Bryon Farnsworth, Chuck Palmgren and Tom Horton                               Ernie Aragon and Glenn Pierce                             Mike Konle and Jimmy Odom                         

                          Bob Nichols at sign up                                                                         Bev and Jody Nicholas, Terry Knott, Everett Brashear and Don Graves

Mr. & Mrs C. H. Wheat                                                    Larry Langley And Ralph White                                             Candace and John Hateley

Walt Fulton, Buddy Stubbs, Jimmy Gurney and Ralph White                                                               Tom Seymour and Jimmy Odom                       

Don Emde and Mike Kidd                                            Dan Haaby and Sonny Nutter                                                             James Bell                 

Patty and Jim Parks, Cheri and Gene Romero                                                                          Dennis Mahan and John Hateley          

Darice and Eddie Wirth, Jim Connolly                                               Ralph White and Bob Bailey                                                        Sammy Tanner            

Rick Mercier and Eddie Wirth                                                                                                                                      

  Judges Bryon Farnsworth, Norm Bigelow and Tom Horton




Collector Mike Iannuccilli brought three iconic competition motorcycles.

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