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The Indian Wrecking Crew Video

Check out part 1 of the documentary on YouTube.com which is the first 39 minutes of the documentary so people could get a taste

 of that era of motorcycle racing along with a bit of Indian motorcycle racing history.  

Here's the YouTube link:   https://youtu.be/NpF3kwxZhtw

To purchase the IWC documentary DVD for $24.95 plus S&H go to   www.indianwreckingcrew.com

Perris and SCFTA this weekend; ROUND ONE!

There have been a few National Numbers hanging out in So Cal lately. You never know who might show up. Especially with Daytona coming up and every pro rider looking for an edge...

Plus a full program of novices through experts and pros! Don't forget the hooligans on their big twins!

Gates open at 12:30, tech and signup about 2:00, practice at 3:30. Leave early if you're not sure what traffic will be like. We try to get everyone out for two practices, but popularity has a price; there is no time to sneak in extra riders that show up late.

Weather should be awesome! High of 84, low of 50. Still, bring jackets. And coolers (no glass please!).

At ten bucks, this is a hard show to beat!

PLEASE! If you don't have a bike in the back, or a job to do, park in the spectator parking across the street. Coolers and chairs are allowed, but no glass bottles, please! Keep dogs on a leash, keep kids under helmets, but come on out and have some fun!

Next up at Perris will be practice on the 27th, with racing coming again on March 12th. There is a possible double header that weekend, with Hell On Wheels tentatively having a short track/TT on Sunday following SCFTA's Round Two.

Speedway on will return on March 19th. If you're a hard core flat tracker, Del Mar will also be running that Saturday. If you're stuck up north, you can check out the CFTA.

The time has come, mufflers must pass sound.

ALL bikes will be sound tested before getting a tech sticker.

We have to get within acceptable noise limits, and if you don't pass, you don't get a tech sticker, and you don't ride. This can't be too much of a shock, since Vince has been telling everyone at the riders meeting that this was coming for at least six months, and you've had to read my harping about it for even longer!

Make sure you have a clean spot on the upper rider's left side of the number plate. You lose your sticker, you'll have to talk your way through tech again...

Please pass this on to everyone you know. It's no fun to sit in the stands when you have a perfectly good racebike (but too loud) in the pits.

This will probably apply to private practices and other events such as Hell on Wheels and speedway, so get working if you're not already there!

Again, if Vince says you don't pass sound, you won't get a sticker and YOU WILL NOT RIDE.

If you know someone that would like to get on this mailing list, reply with their e-mail address.

Elliott Iverson                    elliott@elliottpowersports.com

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Feb. 8, 2016) - Entering another year of their key sponsorship, Harley-Davidson Motor Company and AMA Pro Racing have confirmed that the same generous contingency and bonus structure for riders in the Harley-Davidson GNC1 presented by Vance & Hines class will be available during the 2016 AMA Pro Flat Track season.

Over the course of the season, Harley-Davidson will show their support for the sport in the form of a per-race contingency payout totaling $96,000. Following each main event featuring AMA Pro Flat Track's premier division, the top five competitors will receive a payout, regardless of the brand of motorcycle entered. As a bonus to motivate the top rider racing for the Milwaukee-based marque, the Harley-Davidson mounted rider with the highest point total at the end of the season will receive a year-end bonus of $25,000. 

Harley-Davidson and the Grand National Championship have been synonymous since the series was formed in 1954. To honor the heritage and the history of the sport, the Harley-Davidson Museum is hosting an exhibit featuring the work of the world's most renowned photographer of flat track racing, Dave Hoenig.

"Race Day: Photos from the Flat Track" will be on display at the attraction in Milwaukee, Wis. from Jan. 22 - Sept. 5. Flat track racing's preeminent photographer takes the viewer down to pit row and into the grandstands to document the thrills and chills of life in the fast lane. Hoenig has captured more than 1,000 races in his career, keeping his lens trained on the pageantry, emotion and camaraderie of a day at the track.

Honda Trackers




MX'ers at Perris

Private practice hosted by Kawasaki USA and Bryan Smith at Perris Raceway.

More photos and text from Perris by Brian Bell

Carroll Resweber - Motorcycles - Class of 1998 Inductee

by Dave Despain

Link to Daves discription of one of our all time riders!


 Joe Kopp race report from Las Vegas

 I know that most of you are probably thinking, man, I haven't gotten a race report from Joe for a few years or more. Yep, you're right because as most of you know I retired (back at the end of the 2010 season) from this full time grind of beating my body up, as I have been trying to live on the safer side of the fence. Most of you also know that I have usually competed at one GNC race a year or so since I retired but I really didn't know if I was going to compete in a GNC this year as I was just busy with too many other things in life. Well then we had almost a two month break after our last GNC race and I started thinking about maybe racing the finale indoor shorttrack in Vegas. Yah, I was thinking about the same thing that you probably are. Why would he want to race an indoor with those crazy kids as those are the tracks that are usually referred to as "bump to pass". So I thought it over for quite some time as I knew this was my last opportunity to race a GNC this year but I also knew that I did not want to really get involved in any bump to pass operation, as those bumps hurt way more than they used to. Ok, truth be told, I thought about it for a minute or two and said...... Ok, let's do this!

Continued at Joe's Race Report

Results and Photos

May 31st, 2015

Trailblazers 71st Annual Banquet
April 11th, 2015

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 http://www.youtube.com/ Jim McMurren

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AMA National - Las Vegas

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 Joe Kopp race report from Las Vegas

November 20

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February 15

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San Jose Indoor

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April 5th

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Castle Rock

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Castle Rock

August 2

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October 10
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October 11
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November 8

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