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  Donnie Howard on Marsh Runyon's Goliath at Tulare AHRMA TT - 1999


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (September 13, 2016) - AMA Pro Racing announced today that an independent Appeal Board has heard and considered the appeal of a technical protest filed by No. 1 Jared Mees against No. 42 Bryan Smith on August 20, 2016 at the Central New York Half-Mile, Round 12 of the 2016 AMA Pro Flat Track season.

The technical protest concerned a rear wheel assembly alleged to be out of compliance with Rule 3.22.h of the 2016 AMA Pro Flat Track rulebook:

3.22 Weight Limits and Weighing Procedures

h. All chassis ballast must be fixed to the frame. Under no conditions is it allowable to add chassis ballast as rotating mass to the wheels outside of normal balancing procedures.

In post-race technical inspection, the wheel was retained by AMA Pro Racing staff for further investigation where it was deemed to be out of compliance. The original penalty assessed included disqualification of the #42 and loss of championship points and purse for the Central New York Half-Mile following the issuance of a Penalty Notice.

Earlier today, the Appeal Board, which consisted of a non-voting chairperson from AMA Pro Racing and three voting members not affiliated with AMA Pro Racing and with no material interest in the matter at hand, heard the appeal and examined evidence presented by Smith.

After an executive session, the Appeal Board made the decision to reverse the original Penalty levied by AMA Pro Racing and restore the finishing position and points earned by Smith at the Central New York Half-Mile.
The appeal board has issued the following statement:

"After considering evidence presented by AMA Pro Racing and Bryan Smith, the Appeals Board identified a series of central questions:
    Is the wheel technically legal according to the 2016 AMA Pro Flat Track rules?

    If not, was the team given permission by AMA Pro Racing to utilize the wheel in competition?

    If the team was given permission, was that permission rescinded according to the rulebook at any moment in time after they were given permission?

The following language in the introduction to the 2016 AMA Pro Flat Track rulebook was a determining factor in today's decision: 'If any rule is unclear to the entrant or competitor, the entrant or competitor is advised to get written approval prior to any modifications. Requests for rule clarifications or interpretations must be submitted in writing by riders and teams to AMA Pro Racing.'

The Appeals Board has determined that, regardless of whether or not the wheel is technically legal according to the 2016 AMA Pro Flat Track rules, AMA Pro Racing officials gave Smith's team written permission to utilize the wheel in competition, and that the permission was not rescinded in writing at any point.
On that basis, the team was acting in good faith by competing with the wheel and, therefore, the disqualification upon technical protest is not considered to be valid and Smith's finishing position and points are to be restored."

The decision of the Appeals Board is final and binding on all parties.

AMA Pro Racing is committed to sanctioning a professional series with safety and fairness for all competitors as primary objectives. The AMA Pro Flat Track rulebook is currently undergoing an exhaustive review of language, policies and procedures in order to provide a solid platform for fostering competition on the racetrack. AMA Pro Racing will study the conclusion of the Appeals Board and implement protocols to ensure a fair, equitable and transparent process for rule-setting and enforcement. AMA Pro Racing will provide additional information on rules and procedures following an internal review.

With his points restored, Smith now leads Mees by 2 points, 221-219, heading into the season finale.
The 2016 AMA Pro Flat Track championship will be decided next week at the Ramspur Winery Santa Rosa Mile presented by Triumph on Sunday, September 25. For additional information and to purchase tickets, please visit https://santarosamile.com

September 14th letter from Michael Lock, CEO, AMA Pro Racing:

I am writing to you a day after we concluded the appeals process for the Central New York Half-Mile disqualification of Bryan Smith, rider #42. As you may have read, the appeal was upheld and Smith's 2nd place finishing position and points were restored. Many will feel that justice was done and that the business of deciding the championship will take place on its rightful place; the racetrack. Others may feel that his bike was illegal and that he has escaped on a technicality. It's a partisan sport and that's the nature of things.

I want to share with you the conclusions we have come to within AMA Pro Racing and, hopefully, shed a little light on how we proceed from here.

It became apparent yesterday to the board in the appeals hearing that this was not primarily a case of whether the rear wheel on the #42 bike was within the rules or not. Instead, they focused on the communication between AMA Pro and Team #42 since the issuance of the 2016 rule book.

They found that the team had formally inquired whether their proposed rear wheel construction would conform to the rule, 3.22.h Weight Limits, and that AMA Pro Racing had given written approval for it at the end of March, 2016. AMA Pro Racing took the view, at that time, that the modifications to the wheel rim that the team proposed were within the spirit of the rule and that the additional material attached to the rim constituted a structural component. The team proceeded accordingly and used the rear wheel at select rounds of the championship over the spring and summer.

Subsequent to the AMA Pro Flat Track round at COTA in April, where rider #27 was disqualified for an overweight wheel (42.9 lbs. versus maximum permissible of 40 lbs.), AMA Pro Racing observed that the additional material affixed to rider #27's rear wheel did not fall inside the scope of rule 3.22.h and a bulletin was published reiterating both rules and revising the maximum wheel weight from 40 lbs. to 35 lbs. Many teams gave feedback to the Advisory Group that running heavy brake rotors could easily cause a rear wheel assembly to register at 38 lbs. or more. With hindsight, and with the advice of the Advisory Group, AMA Pro concluded that the bulletin was ill-prepared (in respect to the reduction to 35 lbs. maximum) and a revised bulletin was published maintaining the 40 lbs. maximum. The confusion was compounded by the postponement of the bulletin's effective date to 2017.

With the issuance of the bulletin and subsequent verbal conversations between AMA Pro Racing staff and members of the #42 team, it was felt by AMA Pro Racing that the permission to run the modified rear wheel had been rescinded. It transpires, though, that team #42 felt that without a written reversal, they were free to continue to use the approved wheel.

It is this issue which the appeals board considered to be critical to consider. They concluded that the written approval given to the team should have been rescinded in writing, specifically to team #42. They also concluded that the burden of responsibility for resolving this rested with AMA Pro Racing, as the sanctioning body, not with the team.

Prior to the AMA Pro Flat Track round held at Central New York, on August 20th, AMA Pro Racing had not sent specific written communication to team #42 that the modified rear wheel was out of compliance. At the conclusion of that event, team #1 submitted a protest against #42 and AMA Pro Racing was obliged to inspect the wheel. It was found to be in compliance regarding maximum weight but it was adjudged to fall foul of rule 3.22.h, with regards to 'the addition of chassis ballast as rotating mass to the wheels.' The wheel was confiscated and competitor #42 was subsequently disqualified and lost both purse and points.

The appeals board took the view that, while the wheel construction may potentially have been out of compliance, AMA Pro had not carried out due diligence by inspecting the wheel to determine its eligibility prior to giving written approval, nor had they rescinded approval in an appropriate (written) manner. They concluded that this was sufficient to uphold the appeal and restore #42's 2nd place status, points and purse from the Central New York Half-Mile.

I have reflected on the board's findings and, as the non-voting Chairperson, I was present for both team #42's submission and the AMA Pro Racing Competition Department's defense. My own conclusions are as follows:

AMA Pro Racing accepts fully the conclusion of the appeals board and warmly thanks the members for giving freely of their time and wisdom.

AMA Pro Racing can find no fault with either team #1's protest or team #42's appeal. The actions of both teams were both appropriate and professional throughout this process.

AMA Pro Racing regrets that the two teams, the rest of the paddock and the loyal fans of Pro Flat Track racing have been inconvenienced by this issue. It is not what should be dominating the headlines in the run up to a dramatic season finale at Santa Rosa, CA.

The permission given to team #42 to run with a modified wheel has now been rescinded in writing and that wheel construction method, while ingenious, is considered not to be within the scope of the rule book. It will not be allowed to run at Santa Rosa, nor at any Pro Flat Track races in 2017.

In advance of the 2017 season, AMA Pro Racing will institute new procedures for teams to submit inquiries concerning clarification of technical rules and to propose new components or assemblies that may constitute a potential variance, and all submissions and any responses will be documented. Any successfully approved submissions will be approved by the Chief Executive Officer and will be published to the general Pro Flat Track paddock in a log.

All verbal conversations between AMA Pro Racing staff and the paddock community regarding technical compliance or the approval of proposed variances will be followed up by said AMA Pro Racing staff with a confirmation email and/or written notification to the concerned paddock community members.

The rule book is currently going through final edits, prior to being distributed in redline form to the Advisory Group. Upon receiving their feedback, AMA Pro Racing will finalize language and make the rulebook available to the wider paddock community subsequent to the 2016 Awards Banquet, being held in Santa Rosa on September, 25th. The rule book has been widely updated for 2017 in anticipation of the new class structure and with modernized practices. It has also undergone a comprehensive review for the purposes of simplifying language and creating a more intuitive flow.

AMA Pro Racing is both the sanctioning body for the sport and the guardian of its interests, on behalf of its stakeholders. A sanctioning body is like a government. People may have mixed feelings about the government, but everyone should have respect for its competence and its mission. It is my job to deliver a strategy and an organization that commands that respect.

If you have made it this far in reading this open letter I thank you for your endurance and want to communicate that we are in process to deliver a better level of service to the Pro Flat Track community moving forward. That process will be strengthened and accelerated with your support and participation. Already, the efforts of our Advisory Group have been extremely helpful in navigating the challenges of a competitive sport and a paddock full of passionate people. The sport has a growing number of admirers and is poised to reach new levels over the coming years.

I look forward to joining you at an extremely exciting finale in the Sonoma Wine Country in just over a week. We are assured a dramatic end to a dramatic season.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (September 15, 2016) - Al Ludington has departed from his role as AMA Pro Racing's Technical Director, effective immediately. AMA Pro Racing appreciates Mr. Ludington's efforts during a period of change, that has led to a stabilization of the technical rules and considerable preparation ahead of new class structures that will debut in 2017.
The structure of AMA Pro Racing's competition department will be pivotal as the sport of Pro Flat Track enters a bright new era. Additional information will be released in due course.

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I talked to Dan yesterday, the 14th, and he is at the hospital in Clovis

for more tests before hopefully going to Stanford Medical on the 24th of September.

The  Museum will be open by appointment until then.     dennis vft

August 5, 2016, Perris California, Perris Raceway, Round 8

Photos and text by Rodney Rutherford

Photos, story and results

                                  September 9th

PLEASE SHARE! We receieved a phone call this morning that Terry and Nancy Otten from Ramspur Winery want to match up to $5000 in donations to the Dominic Colindres fund within the next 48 hours! We need your help for this DOMINIC COLINDRES FUND RALLY! All donations are 100% tax deductible due to the 501(c)(3) status of the charity! Please make your donations here: bit.ly/DominicColindresFund


http://www.amaft79.com/dominic-colindres-fund.html          http://fusionrw.com/item/dominic-colindres-suppor-t-shirt


http://santarosamile.com                                                  http://www.californiaflattrack.com


http://eddiemulderswcvdts.com                                          http://www.ivlft.com/schedule/?evid=1046      


 I found this photo sequence I took a few years ago of Brandon Bergen at Willow.

Photos page

Tire information on Mitas, Maxxis, Golden and Dunlop

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Stevie Bonsey was in a crash Sunday May 29th at the Springfield Mile. He broke a vertebrae and is currently in a halo neck brace.

He will be out for at least eight to ten weeks. We are all wishing him a speedy recovery.

We are looking to raise funds to help him cover his general expenses during this time.


FundRazr GNC #80 Stevie Bonsey Injury Fund

July 16th, 2016, Perris California, Perris Raceway,

 Southern California Flat Track Association's Round 7

Photos and results SCFTA Round 7

Lodi Nite Before the Mile

Dominic Colindres - Quick time and track record.  1st in heat, way back in Dash, but smoked the Main.

Colindres said he put a new tire on for the dash nd upped the pressure.

For the main he went back to a baldie!

Photos and result for all class's


Trailblazers 72th Annual Banquet
Held at the Carson Events Center, Carson, California
April 23th, 2016


Banquet Page               Tom Cates Bike Show

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