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SCFTA Perris Round 11

November 14, 2015

Photos by Janice Blunt

Captions by Jamey Blunt

National #6 Brad Baker came to Perris from Washington state and made it a worthwhile trip. Baker won the 20 lap

 $10,000 feature. Baker had to qualify through a field of twenty two pros just to be in the main event.

National #98 Kayl Kolkman is always so smooth, but on this night Kolkman missed transferring straight to the pro main event 

and missed another transfer opportunity from a semi by one place. Kolkman along with many other pros could only watch the final.

Grand National Champion #1 Jared Mees had a long road to the twenty lap feature. Mees had to come through a semi after winning a

 heat race he wasn't in. (He just came out in the wrong heat) For this Mees was removed from the "Dash for Cash" and put into 

a semi, which he won easily. In the main Mees started from the second row and came through the field to finish second. 

His fastest lap time was 14.62 seconds.

More Perris Photos



Round Ten - October 10th

Travis Petton the 4th has a storied racing history, and at just barely eleven years old this Rod Lake Racing, Fontana Radiator, A.M. Ortega, Southland Racing, pilot turned the third fastest overall lap time at 15.02 seconds in round ten of the S.C.F.T.A. Also of note is the fact that this straight "A" student has the overall fastest lap time of any racer in the youth classes ever,  All this from a racer giving up more than double the displacement to the other bikes. Sponsors would do well to keep a keen eye on young Travis, he would make a great addition to anyone's racing stable and already has his sights set on a racing career. One thinks perhaps Road Racing might even be in his future, landing him in Europe representing the U.S.A.  !!!! 

#12y John Vanderlaan won the twenty lap pro main event at Perris. This making him a multi-time winner. He poster the second overall fastest lap time at 14.73 seconds, and was the most consistent rider to earn the victory.

Janice Blunt Photos and Text by Jamey Blunt

SCFTA Round 11 & 12 ~ November 14-15, 2015

 PRO EXTRAVAGANZA with a $10,000 Pro Purse Saturday night







Bultaco Astro Cup                                   
Finish    Number    Brand    License #    Name    City,State    Moto 1    Moto 2 3    Points
1    3x    BUL    546075    Joe Kopp    Mica, WA    1    1        23
2    4    BUL    337247    Chris Carr    Fleetwood, PA    2    2        19
3    67    Unk    325743    Raun Wood    Springtown, PA    1    3        16
4    64    BUL    361418    Charlie Roberts    Springfield, IL    3    4        15
5    42    BUL    171194    Steve Morehead    Findlay, OH    1    5        14
6    12    BUL    269865    Bobby Decker    Leesburg, FL    3    6        13
7    54x    BUL    439750    Brian Hopper    Neoga, IL    4    7        12
8    32    BUL    2960163    Jackie Mitchell    Greensburg, IN    6    8        11
9    51v    BUL    264827    Larry Vanvalkenburg    Adrian, MI    5    9        10
10    21    BUL    742138    Rod Grove    Humboldt, IL    4    10        9
11    230c    BUL    1011999    Mike Wheeler    Elm City, NC    5    11        8
12    17t    BUL    593728    Paul Covert    Little Rock, AR    2    12        7
13    30    BUL    339005    Trevor Augenstein    Byron, MN    4    13        6
DNF    40    BUL    614086    Ronnie Jones    Edmond, OK    2    DNF       
DNF    95    BUL    2223394    Art Randall    Farmington, MO    3    DNF       
DNF    16h    BUL    3082332    Tim Housman    Cromwell, IN    5    DNF       
DNF    54    BUL    538483    Gaylan Oros    Oreana, IL    6    DNF       
Bultaco Challenge                                   
Finish    Number    Brand    License #    Name    City,State    Moto 1    Moto 2     Points
1    3    HON    730407    John Kocinski    Los Angeles, CA    1    1        23
2    42    BUL    171194    Steve Morehead    Findlay, OH    1    2        19
3    17t    BUL    593728    Paul Covert    Little Rock, AR    3    3        16
4    29    YAM    777189    Bill Walker    Okc, OK    2    4        15
5    93l    KAW    365077    Denne Williams    Murfreesboro, TN    3    5        14
6    54x    BUL    439750    Brian Hopper    Neoga, IL    5    6        13
7    13    YAM    473322    Jason Walker    Choctow, OK    4    7        12
8    30    BUL    339005    Trevor Augenstein    Byron, MN    4    8        11
9    230c    BUL    1011999    Mike Wheeler    Elm City, NC    5    9        10
10    3x    BUL    546075    Joe Kopp    Mica, WA    2    10        9
11    17k    OSS    614371    Mitch Smith    Cedar Rapids, IA    6    11        8
12    95    BUL    2223394    Art Randall    Farmington, MO    6    12        7

The “Bultaco Astro Cup Club Organization"

To:  All the “Astro Cup” and “Astro Challenge” riders, owners, tuners, sponsors, participants, semi official “Cup Fun Club” members, as well as all Dirt Track fans and followers of this great annual “Astro Cup Championship” race event, parking lot / camp ground party, get together, swap meet and or happening.

Subject:  The sixth (6th) Annual “Astro Cup Championship”, race, gathering, and or party is right on track to be bigger and better than ever for several reasons.

Reason #1.  This annual “Astro Cup Championship” and all that it brings has found the perfect home for it’s annual event / events during the IMDA sponsored, AMA / GNC Mile National weekend, held every year on Labor Day weekend (near the end of the summer) at the world famous Springfield Mile Dirt Track located on the Illinois state fairgrounds in Springfield, Ill. with this years Labor Day events falling on September 5th & 6th.

*Saturday Morning September 5th is the Steve Nace (SNR) produced and AMA sanctioned “Vintage Dirt Track National Championship Series” held on the fairgrounds short track.  (Link to pre enter below) 

*Saturday Afternoon & Night September 5th is the Steve Nace (SNR) produced AMA sanctioned “All Star National Flat Track Series” held on the fairgrounds short track.  (Link to pre enter below) 

* Also on that same Saturday September 5th schedule of events is the annual “Astro Cup Championship” along with the (new for this year) “Astro Challenge”.  (Link to pre enter either or both below) 

* Sunday September 6th is the big AMA / GNC Springfield Mile National Championship race on the world famous Springfield Mile Dirt Track.
Reason #2.  This years addition of the new “Astro Challenge” race in order to include other riders, owners, tuners, and sponsors with their many other brands of similar vintage, single cylinder, air cooled, two strokes to compete with and challenge the Bultaco powered Astros for the win in their own special annual event.  (please read the rules carefully)
Reason #3.  This year there will be a BIG SURPRISE for everyone with the addition of a very special “Invitational Dash For Cash” with surprise retired Grand National Champions from the past all racing “Balls To The Wall” against each other during that September 5th Saturday night’s short track events.  Don’t miss this one or you will regret it BIG TIME!!!
Reason #4.  Because there are no races on Friday this year we are actually considering a Friday camp ground / parking lot party, cook out, swap meet, happing, etc., etc.  Please give us your thoughts and input on this.

Link to Rules and Mission statement

Astro Cup Facebook page

Jethro Memorial Page  


SCFTA Perris Round 8

August 15th, 2015

Link to Photos and results

SCFTA Perris Round 7

July 25th, 2015

Link to Photos and Results

SCFTA Perris Round 5

June 20th, 2015

Link to Photos and Results

Results and Photos

Bryan Smith wins Harley-Davidson Flat Track Racing at X Games gold! 


Harley-Davidson Moto X Flat Track Results

1. Bryan Smith

2. Sammy Halbert

3. Brad Baker

4. Johnny Lewis

5. Jake Johnson

6. Briar Bauman

7. Dough Lawrence

8. Mikey Martin

9. Kenny Coolbeth, Jr.

10. Michael Kirkness

11. Jared Mees

12. Brandon Robinson

SCFTA Perris Round 4

May 15th, 2015

Link to Photos and results

SCFTA Perris Round 2

April 18th, 2015

Link to Photos and results

Trailblazers 71st Annual Banquet
April 11th, 2015

2015 Banquet Photos      Bike Show Photo

SCFTA Perris Round 1

March 28, 2015

Link to Photos and results

February 14th - PROS

Kayl Kolkman 98, lead the first few laps until he got sideways and Sammy tagged him and they both went down.

Mike Rush 54, lead the restart until he was black flagged for his pipe hanging off the bike.

Sammy and Davis Fisher 67m, had a great race, passing each other until Fisher pulled away in the closing laps.

Look close, Sammy is on the outside!

Cal Expo GNC


Castle Rock, Washington     August 2nd, 2014

Castle Rock Experts - August 2nd, 2014

Castle Rock Pro Singles - August 2nd, 2014

Castle Rock Nite Before - Twins & Singles - August 1st, 2014

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Greg Owen Interviews

 http://www.youtube.com/ Jim McMurren

http://www.youtube.com/ Dan Rouit

Don LaRue's New Web Site of National Numbers



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